Henry Ford College

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Henry Ford College (Main Campus)
5101 Evergreen Rd.
Dearborn, MI 48128-1495

M-TEC at Henry Ford College (East Campus)
3601 Schaefer Road, Building A
Dearborn, MI 48126

Henry Ford College Nursing Division (East Campus)
3601 Schaefer Road, Building B
Dearborn, MI 48126

Parking Information

Parking at HFC is free; students and visitors do not need parking passes. Campus regulations, state law, and local ordinances are enforced.

Offices and Services

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OfficePhone NumberEmailFax Number
Main Number(313) 845-9600
Main Toll-Free Number1-800-585-HFCC (4322)
Academic Advising(313) 317-6845
Admissions and Recruitment(313) 845-6403enroll@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9891
Assessment Testing Office(313) 845-6399(313) 317-4112
Assisted Learning Services(313) 845-9617
Business and Computer Technology Division(313) 845-9804business@hfcc.edu
Campus Safety Office(313) 845-9630
Career Services(313) 845-9618careers@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9899
Cashier's Office(313) 845-9641cashiers@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9826
College Store(313) 845-9603(313) 845-9776
Communications Division(313) 845-9624english@hfcc.edu
Cooperative Education Office(313) 845-9618
Corporate Training(313) 845-9656(313) 845-9654
Counseling(313) 845-9611(313) 317-6550
English Language Institute(313) 845-9624ELI@hfcc.edu
Facilities Services(313) 845-6320(313) 845-9658
Fifty-One O One Restaurant(313) 206-5101
Financial Aid(313) 845-9616finaid@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9825
Health Careers(313) 845-9877healthcareers@hfcc.edu
Health Sciences Division(313) 845-9877
Human Resources Office(313) 845-9855(313) 317-6522
Industrial Technology Division(313) 845-9656technology@hfcc.edu
International Student Services(313) 317-6842
IT Services Help Desk(313) 845-6345helpdesk@hfcc.edu
Learning Lab(313) 845-9643learnlab@hfcc.edu
Library(313) 845-9606libref@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9795
M-TEC at Henry Ford College(313) 317-6600mtec@hfcc.edu(313) 317-6655
Marketing and Communications(313) 317-6800
Math and Science Division(313) 845-9631math@hfcc.edu
Nursing Office(313) 845-6305nursing@hfcc.edu(313) 845-9845
Office of the President(313) 845-9650
Payroll(313) 845-4009(313) 845-9866
Purchasing(313) 845-9897(313) 845-9658
Registration and Records(313) 845-6403registrar@hfcc.edu(313) 845-6464
Science(313) 845-6310science@hfcc.edu
Skylight Cafe(313) 845-9648
Social Science, Arts, and Fitness Division(313) 845-9625socialscience@hfcc.edu
Student Activities Office(313) 845-9865(313) 317-6551
Student Outreach and Support(313) 845-9629
Teaching Services(313) 845-9785
University Transfer Advising & Career Counseling Office(313) 845-9611
Vice President of Academic Affairs(313) 845-9607(313) 845-9800
Vice President of Development(313) 845-9620
Vice President of Financial Services(313) 845-9605
Vice President of Human Resources/Special Assistant to the President(313) 845-9824
Vice President of Legal Affairs(313) 845-6440
Vice President of Strategy & Information(313) 317-1534
Vice President of Student Affairs(313) 845-9610
Welcome Center/Enrollment Services(800) 585-4322
Workforce and Professional Development(313) 317-6600(313) 317-6655
Website Questions/Commentswebmaster@hfcc.edu