Student Outreach and Support (SOS) Office

Student Outreach and Support provides three basic services to support student success:

  1. Personal and career counseling,
  2. A series of workshops
  3. Emergency funding
Hours during Summer Semester:
Monday - Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1. Personal and Career Counseling

We are here when you need to discuss life issues. The coordinator of Student Outreach and Support is one of several full-time, licensed counselors on staff, and is available to talk to you.

Please do not hesitate to visit the Student Outreach and Support Office, Building A, Room 125, or call 313-845-9757.

Career counseling is also available through the same office. If you're not sure about your major, come see us. You will take an assessment, we will interpret the results, and we'll talk to you about them. We'll discuss your natural talents and abilities, interests, values, and needs. You will leave with one to three occupations to consider, and we will help you develop an educational plan around these options.

2. Workshops

We can help you with study skills training, including identifying your primary learning styles, improving your note-taking, improving how you process and retain information, and related skills.

Workshops and reference books are available to all students. The workshops include:

  1. Time Management, which will show you how to use your time more efficiently.
  2. Stress Management, which will show techniques to help reduce stress.
  3. Learning Skills, which will help you identify your learning styles and show you how to use them.
  4. Note-Taking, which will demonstrate three basic ways to take notes. You will be able to practice all three. This is our most popular workshop.
  5. Test-Taking Strategies, which offers number of strategies to help you perform better on your exams. You will take practice tests during the workshop to apply these strategies.

If a workshop you need is unavailable this semester, contact the SOS office at 313-845-9757. We will work with you individually.

3. Funding

Student Outreach and Support (SOS) offers financial assistance to students who have a financial emergency. The financial assistance includes the following:

Student Emergency Aid Fund

This fund is intended to help you with short-term, immediate, emergency needs. If you are enrolled at HFC and are facing an emergency financial situation where a modest amount of money could help, you may apply for a grant from this fund.

Student Emergency Aid Fund

Book Stipend

The book stipend is a bridge from the start of the semester to the time when your financial aid is awarded. To qualify, you must be a new HFC student who has applied for financial aid and been notified that you will receive a financial aid award.

While you are waiting for your financial aid award, the SOS office will buy your textbooks. When your financial aid is awarded, the amount of the book stipend will be repaid to SOS.

Perkins Grant

This fund provides financial assistance to students in need. To qualify, you must:

  1. Be a current HFC student.
  2. Have a GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  3. Have an Unmet Need of $1,000 or more (as determined by the Office of Financial Aid).
  4. Enroll in a state-approved academic major. The coordinator can tell you if your academic program is state approved.

You may use the Perkins grant for anything that will help keep you in school. This includes books, transportation (gasoline or bus card), on-line codes, etc.

Food insecurity

Henry Ford College provides direct food aid and personal hygiene items to students in need through our on-campus Hawks' Nest Food Pantry, in Building L, room 138.