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Parking access and locations

Parking at HFC is free; students and visitors do not need parking passes.

However, employees must obtain a parking permit from the Office of Campus Safety to gain access to the gated employee parking lots. The circle drive entrance (Flag Pole) is for handicap pickup or drop-off, and short-term visitor parking only. All other pickups or drop-offs are to be made in student lots.

Parking enforcement

Both state law and local ordinance authorize enforcement of parking regulations on campus with the same authority as public roadways. Accordingly, vehicles are only allowed to park in areas designated as parking spaces. Vehicles may not park on the grass, sidewalks, along curbs, in yellow hash marked areas, or in any other area not marked or designated as a parking space. Vehicles are not allowed on campus past 11 PM without authorization from the Office of Campus Safety.

Parking tickets

Campus Safety personnel have the authority to issue Uniform Law Citations to parking violators. Vehicles parked contrary to regulations will be ticketed and may be towed at the owner's expense.

If you receive a ticket, do not ignore it! Parking ticket fees must be paid to the City of Dearborn, and will be subject to late fees and escalating penalties, up to and including impounding your vehicle, like all other local parking tickets.

Uniform Law Citations may be paid or contested through the 19th District Court in Dearborn. Fines and procedures including the address and phone number of the court are located on the back of the ticket.

Parking violation warnings

As an alternative to Uniform Law Citations, at the discretion of Campus Safety, an orange warning sticker may be put on the offender's vehicle window. This is done for first-time offenders in minor offenses only, such as taking up two parking spots or unauthorized parking in a staff lot. (By contrast, parking in a handicap spot or a fire lane is a major violation and will always receive a ticket or you will be towed).

The orange sticker is a warning that your vehicle is parked illegally and is subject to ticketing and impoundment. No action is required except to move the vehicle before it is issued a ticket or is towed. Chronic offenders will receive a Uniform Law Citation (ticket) and will be towed at the owner's expense.