Culinary Wellness Café

The Culinary Wellness Café in the Student Center provides natural, attractively presented food options in sensible portions to encourage better nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Culinary Wellness at HFC

We start with raw fruits and vegetables, Halal meats, and nutrient-dense ingredients such as beans and whole grains to create individualized meal selections for the College community and guests.

The menus are developed with taste in mind, starting with the best Culinary Arts department recipes, with the addition of influences from the Mediterranean to the Far East. The dishes reflect the world we live in today—eclectic and diverse, with the comforting flavors of home.

Three meal options are offered each week, along with several options for sides. Vegetarian options are available. Visit us in the Student Center (Building M) within the Skylight Café.

Call in Your Order

Need lunch on your time? We offer call-ahead ordering services through the 5101 restaurant. Call 313-206-5101 for more details.


11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Tues., Wed., Thurs. during Fall and Winter semesters
$6 meals / $3 sides

There is currently no menu available for this week.

All menus and weeks served

There is currently no menu available for this week.

Pastry Café

Pastry Café provides French, Italian, and Viennese pastry in individual and take-home sized portions as a dessert, or a treat you can enjoy later with a cup of good coffee. We bake from scratch using fresh eggs, real butter, cream, and chocolate.

The menus showcase the HFC Baking and Pastry program and the variety of items produced throughout the semester. House recipes and classical techniques are utilized. Popular items include cupcakes, fancy bars and brownies, pie, torte, Napoleon, éclairs, tarts, and more.