Assisted Learning Services

Location: Learning Success Center, A-125
Phone number: 313-845-9617

Students who meet with an Assisted Learning Services Counselor and verify eligibility may receive one or more of the following types of assistance:

Specialized testing conditions including extra time, readers, writers, large print tests, and use of a computer with text magnification and voice synthesis capabilities. These services are available for classes, as well as for some standardized tests.

Textbooks in Alternate Format
Students who require textbooks in alternate format should check for availability through online resources, such as CourseSmart or Bookshare. If a required textbook is unavailable through those resources, contact the Assisted Learning Services Office. Please request books three weeks in advance to ensure their arrival before the semester begins.

Adaptive Equipment
There is a range of equipment available for use by students with physical or learning disabilities. This includes hardware and software that allows text to be scanned and read back to the user, software that magnifies text on the computer screen, and software that reads or describes most text and icons encountered on a computer screen. This equipment may aid blind or partially sighted individuals as well as those with some types of reading disabilities. Training on some systems may be required. Other adaptive equipment also may be available.

Students who qualify for note-taking assistance will be allowed to use a recording device in classes and may also qualify for a notetaker.

American Sign Language Interpreters for the Classroom
Deaf or hearing-impaired students will be provided with ASL interpreters for the classroom.

Reader/Writer Services
Students with documented learning disabilities, visual impairments, or other sensory processing challenges may qualify for a reader during testing. A writer will record information for students with physical or visual impairments, if appropriate technology is insufficient.

Other learning resources are available to assist you:

  • Learning Lab - Math, reading, writing, science and other tutoring. Tutoring services are not limited to Assisted Learning Services Students, but available to all students at HFC.
  • Media Center - Interactive videos for math, chemistry, and other subjects.
  • Career Resource Center (A-117, Learning Success Center) - career assessments for vocational exploration.