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Online Learning

Welcome to HFC Online Learning

There are different types of online learning courses. Your course may be:

  • 100% online: These courses are completely online and do not require you to come to campus.
  • 95% online: These courses typically require students to come on campus for at least one meeting or proctored assessment.
  • A course less than 95% online (hybrid): These courses require scheduled classroom sessions. Check your class schedule in WebAdvisor for details on your specific class(es).
  • An on-campus class with information placed online as a supplement to your face-to-face class.

Note: all online courses follow the same semester calendar and procedures as on-campus courses.

Getting Started with Online Learning

  1. Register for an online course: Use WebAdvisor to register for an online course. If this is your first online course please complete the online orientation module. This module will prepare you for your online course.

  2. Check your course start date: You can not access your course until the first day of class. Your course start date is listed on your course schedule in WebAdvisor.

  3. Log in to HFC Online: Use your HFC username and password to log in to HFC Online.

  4. Contact your instructor: If your course does not appear in HFC Online. Not all instructors use HFC Online.

  5. Get additional help about logging in to your online course or obtaining further information.

How to Succeed in Your Online Course

Learn to become an effective online learner by completing a short orientation module.