About Henry Ford College

Your choice of a college will change your life. It's an exciting decision, and there are so many reasons to choose Henry Ford College, the FutureDriven educational home for thousands of students each year. Whatever your life goals, we are deeply committed to helping you achieve them.

Your success is our success. Learn more about Michigan's first choice, best choice college.

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As broad as your horizons. As deep as your imagination.

Some people choose a college because of reputation, or cost, or size, or program, or location. You'll find great options for all of those reasons here. But it's time to think bigger. It's time to find your place.

As a truly community-focused college, Henry Ford College welcomes students from our city (Dearborn), our state (Michigan), and all over the world.
HFC meets you where you are:
if you know where you're going and you know how to get there...
if you who have no idea what you want to do, but you know you want to do something meaningful with your life…
or if you're anywhere in between.

At Henry Ford College, you will find:

  • A welcoming community
  • Serious scholars, teachers, and learners
  • Broad career options, and guidance in choosing your future
  • 150+ top-rated academic programs, from workforce training and trades to business, health care, STEM, liberal arts and more -- with seamless transfer options for bachelor's and master's degrees
  • Flexible scheduling that fits your needs
  • An incredibly diverse student body
  • Fun-loving peers, with sports, clubs, and campus life, if that interests you
  • The most affordable college in Michigan, with great academics and successful graduates!

We start by listening and learning about you: your talents and skills, your passions and dreams. We provide a pathway to your future, whether than means a workforce or technical education program, a certification program, or a full-fledged degree program. And if you want a second career or a stackable credential, we'll help you earn that, too.

Are you ready to drive your future?

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Deeper Details

College Leadership

Shared Leadership at Henry Ford College is a process of collaboration and communication among all stakeholders including employee groups, students and the Board of Trustees. Shared Leadership consists of four councils: Academic Council, Operations Council, and Coordinating Council, and the Faculty Organization and Faculty Senate. HFC also practices continuous process improvement and is continually seeking ways to improve programs and services for our students and stakeholders.

Board of Trustees

The Henry Ford College Board of Trustees comprises seven members who serve six-year terms. They are publicly elected during regular elections in May or November. The Trustees serve concurrently as members of the Board of Trustees for the Dearborn Public Schools.

College President

The College president, Mr. Russell Kavalhuna, is responsible for leadership, management, development, and coordination of all departments, divisions, and functions of the college, both internal and external. The president is a primary public representative of the College, speaks in an official capacity for the College, and is the face of the College to many public audiences.

Executive Leadership

The president works closely with six vice presidents who take primary strategic and operational responsibility for major functional areas of the College. This group of senior leaders comprises the president's cabinet. See the Leadership Overview for more information.

Public Information

Henry Ford College (HFC) recognizes its responsibility as a public institution to make information and reports available in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Other Resources and Information