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How do I get an HFC library card?

Library Barcode

A library barcode gives you the ability to check out books and other physical materials in the library collection and to utilize statewide resource sharing services.

If you have any questions regarding HFC library cards, please contact us at 313-845-9606 or

HFC Students, Faculty, and Staff

To obtain a library barcode, you must first have a valid HFC student ID (or employee ID). If you do not have a valid HFC student ID, please first visit the Welcome Center to obtain one.
Once you have your HFC ID, bring it to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library to get your library barcode.

Guests and Community Members

Any resident of the Henry Ford College district may obtain an HFC guest library card. The guest card offers more limited privileges compared to the HFC student, faculty, and staff library card.

To obtain a guest card, please bring a current government issued picture ID that includes your name and address to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.

Troubleshooting access to online resources

The Henry Ford College Eshleman Library provides online research databases for students, faculty, and staff. These databases are accessible from off campus with your HFC username and password.

If you need a library card or you need help, please contact a librarian.


Browser, network, website security or ISP problem (most common issues):

  • Browser issues: Try a different web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). This is the most common solution. Databases such as CINAHL and Kanopy often work best in Firefox.
  • Browser cache full: Go to your browser settings and clear the history (cache) and cookies, restart your browser, and try to reconnect.
  • Browser update required: Check to ensure that your browser is up to date.
  • JavaScript and/or cookies disabled: Go to the browser settings and enable JavaScript or allow cookies.
  • Local firewall preventing use of the library proxy: This problem is common in corporate or institutional settings. Contact your local network administrator for support.
  • Internet service provider (ISP) preventing use of the library proxy: Some ISPs, especially satellite providers, may prevent the use of proxies. Contact your ISP for support.

Password problem:

Database is asking for a password other than library barcode

The library usually does not use separate login information for databases. If a database asks for a different password, it is often due to the following factors:

  • Attempting to access the database directly, rather than linking from the HFC library page. Access the resource from the Library website directly.
  • The database timed out due to inactivity. Initiate a new session using a link from the Library website.
  • The number of simultaneous users allowed under the library's contract for the database has been exceeded. Wait a few minutes, then try to access the resource again.

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