Return to Title IV (Federal) Aid Policy

Students who receive federal funds as part of their financial aid package and who either officially or unofficially withdraw from all classes during an academic term, may be required to return a portion of those funds.

This website provides basic information regarding the Return to Title IV policy. However, the complete policy can be found in the HFC Financial Aid Return to Title IV brochure. The brochure contains very detailed information as well as examples for how the required calculations are performed.

Withdrawing or Ceasing Attendance

If you withdraw from school “officially” (drop your courses via WebAdvisor) or “unofficially” (stop attending and do not successfully complete ANY classes with an A, B, C, D or S) before the term is completed, and you are the recipient of federal financial aid funds, a Return of Funds Calculation is required to be performed. This calculation may result in a portion of aid being returned to the U.S. Department of Education. This oftentimes results in a balance being owed by the student to the college. Any balance that results from this calculation is the student's responsibility to repay.

Repaying Financial Aid Received

If it is determined you owe back all or a portion of the financial aid received, you will receive a letter from our office. In addition, you will see the amount owed by looking at your account via WebAdvisor. If it is determined you owe back all or a portion of the financial aid received, you will be required to pay back the amount owed, regardless of the reason you withdrew. This policy is completely independent of the HFC Tuition Appeal Process. If it is determined you owe back a portion of your financial aid, there is no appeal process for the amount you will be required to pay back.

Failure to repay may result in the institution referring the balance owed to a collection agency.

Students are encouraged to contact Financial Aid with specific questions regarding this policy.