Accepting Your Awards

All awards, with the exception of loan awards and work study funds (which require the student to earn the funds), do not require any further action by the student. All loan awards are awarded in a "Pending" status.

To view an award or to accept or reject a loan, the student should take the following steps:

  1. Log into your Financial Aid Checklist. You will need your Username and password to access your account. If you need assistance logging in, feel free to visit the Welcome Center (Building WC on the main campus).

  2. Under the "Financial Aid Counseling" tab, select "My Awards".

  3. Choose a financial aid award year. Within "My Awards" you will be able to view your financial aid awards by semester. All awards have a status of “Accepted” with the exception of loans. All loan awards are considered "Pending" unless a student chooses to accept or decline the loan. To accept or decline the loan(s), next to each loan award, the student must indicate "Accept" or "Decline". Students also have the option of lowering the amount of the loan award.

    • Accept: Students accepting loan funds are agreeing to all of the requirements and regulations related to the repayment of such funds. In addition to accepting loan funds, students must also complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note.

    • Decline: Students are not required to accept the loan funds they have been awarded. If a student chooses to decline loan funds he/she need only select "Decline" next to the loan award.

    • Lower Loan Amount: Students are encouraged to borrow only what they need and may request to lower the amount of the loan for which they have been awarded. To lower the amount, the student must indicate, in the box provided, the lower amount he/she is requesting. Once the request is submitted, the Office of Financial Aid will review the request and adjust the loan award.

    • Pending: If a student is undecided, he/she may choose to leave the loan award(s) in a Pending status. Loans in a Pending status may be accepted later in the semester as long as the student is still otherwise eligible for the loan funds. Loans not accepted prior to the end of the semester in which the student is enrolled will be canceled.

NOTE: First-year, first-time borrowers are also subject to a 30-day disbursement delay.