Financial Aid Forms & Documents

If you are being asked to submit additional documentation, please only submit what is being requested and/or required. Submitting forms or documents that are not requested or required may delay the processing of your financial aid application.

How do I find my missing documents?

In order to determine if you are missing a required form or document, go to your Financial Aid Required Documents page in Self-Service. For any incomplete item requested, students will have an option to either complete their required information by submitting an electronic form (Dynamic Form) or by uploading the document via the FA Required Documents page (Document Upload). You will be guided as to which option you have depending on what is being requested.

Note: If a student does not want to submit a document or form via document upload or by using a dynamic form, the student can print the required form and bring the completed form as well as any documents and place them in the drop box located near the Campus Safety office OR the student may mail the documents to the Office of Financial Aid.

Submit Financial Aid forms through Self-Service (Document Upload)

Some students may be required to submit additional documentation to complete their financial aid file. Examples of additional documentation include: copy of tax return, w-2, and proof of citizenship. Students are able to upload the required documents via the Financial Aid—Required Documents page of Self Service.

In order to avoid delays with your file and/or issues with the document you are submitting, it is important to provide a clear and readable document. Please view our instructions and tips on uploading requested documentation to complete your Financial Aid file.

Submit electronic forms online (Dynamic Forms)

General information regarding Dynamic Forms:

  • Students will use their HFC username and password to access their required form.
  • Parents (for forms that require a parent signature) will need to create a Dynamic Form Account. Once an account is created, the parent/spouse will use the same username/password for all documents they need to sign.
  • While a Dynamic Form is the quickest and easiest way to submit a form, you may opt to not submit a form electronically. To print a document follow the Dynamic Form link and print. Dynamic Forms that are printed must be signed and submitted by mailing to the HFC Office of Financial aid or placed in an HFC drop box (located at the Welcome Center or Campus Safety).
    Note: Document Upload is not an option for Dynamic Forms.

  • A student or parent/spouse may access their account directly by going to the following links:

Students Parents/Spouses

Financial Aid Publications