Classes Eligible for Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education regulations require that a student must be enrolled in an eligible Program of Study to receive financial aid. In addition, only classes required for your Program of Study are eligible for financial aid funding. Beginning in the fall of 2017, financial aid disbursements (what is paid to your account) will be calculated based on your HFC active Program of Study. Only classes required for your eligible active Program of Study will be eligible for financial aid funding. Classes not required for your Program of Study will not be eligible for any financial aid funding.

If you are unsure of your active Program of Study, login to WebAdvisor and select “Student Planning” (in the Academic Planning section). If your Program of Study is incorrect, please see a Success Navigator, Adviser or Counselor for assistance in updating your program.

What programs are eligible for financial aid funding?

Any program that grants an associate degree, as well as most certificate programs of at least 16 credit hours in length. Exception: Recently approved programs may be ineligible until the College receives federal approval.

Why do I have to be enrolled in an eligible program?

According to U.S. Department of Education regulations, financial aid funds are only available to students pursuing a degree program and/or eligible certificate program.

How do I view my Program of Study and/or check if my classes are required?

  1. Sign in to WebAdvisor,
  2. Click on “Student Planning,” and
  3. Click on “View Your Progress.”

Additional information is available at Student Planning

How do I change my Program of Study?

If your current program is not correct or if you need additional assistance with choosing your classes, we strongly encourage you to meet with an Academic Adviser or Counselor.

What if I want to take classes that are not required for my Program of Study?

If you are a financial aid student, you are welcome to take classes which are not required for your Program of Study. However, you will need to plan to pay for those classes out-of-pocket or, if you are eligible for a financial aid refund, you may choose to use your refund to pay the tuition/fees for those classes.