Summer Financial Aid

Students who wish to receive financial aid for the Summer semester must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) -- if not done already for the previous fall or winter semester -- and submit the Summer Financial Aid Application. This application is available at the beginning of February of each year.

A student will be awarded for all of the aid for which they are eligible.
Year-Round Pell: New regulations allow students to be eligible for Pell Grant during Summer, even if most or all of their annual Pell eligibility was used during the Fall and Winter semesters. This means Pell recipients will be eligible for a full-time award of Pell Grant, regardless of what was used during Fall and Winter semesters.

Direct Loans: Direct loans awards will take into account all direct loans borrowed during the academic year. If a student used all of their annual loan eligibility during Fall and Winter, there will be no loan funds left for the student to use for the Summer semester.

Students who submit a FAFSA and Summer Financial Aid Application will have both reviewed for any financial aid for which they are eligible. However, students are strongly encouraged to submit their FAFSA and Summer Financial Aid Application by the Financial Aid Priority Date to have their classes protected while their file is under review.

The Office of Financial Aid is required to award Pell Grant funding for students who are otherwise eligible, regardless of whether or not a Summer Financial Aid Application was submitted. As a result, prior to the end of Summer, it may be determined a student has Pell Grant eligibility and the student will be awarded accordingly. However, without submission of the HFC Summer Financial Aid Application, the student will not be considered to have met the FA Priority Date.