Attaching Documents in Financial Aid Self-Service

Students may now use the Document Attachment Upload process in Financial Aid Self-Service to submit forms and documents that are needed to complete your applications for Financial Aid.

Steps to attach documents in Self-Service

  • Log into the HFC Student Portal
  • In the "Student Self Service" section, select "Financial Aid"
  • Select an Award Year
  • Select "Complete Required Documents" to view items that are needed to complete your application.
    • Note: Document requests shown with an "Incomplete" status need to be submitted.
  • Use the "Manage" button to upload a form or document to submit it to our office.

Tips for uploading documents

1. Recommended method of capturing images

We highly recommend using a desktop scanner, or the scanning feature on your smart phone to capture, image, and create a file of your documents. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, you can use a web search to find instructions for your device. This method ensures good image quality, and minimizes upload failures and document processing delays.

2. Optimal file formats

For the best image quality, and to avoid upload failures, we recommend a PDF file format. Other file formats are also acceptable.

3. File naming conventions

Keep the name of the file you are uploading short, such as VWS Form, W2 Parent, W2 Student,1040 Parent, 1040 Student, DL License, Birth Cert, Passport, etc. Following these basic file naming conventions will help you avoid document upload failures.

We recommend file names contain no more than 25 characters. Do not include any special characters such as -, /, @, #, *, ! (Note: a period ‘.’ is also considered a special character.) These may cause the upload process to fail, and will cause delays in processing your documents.

4. Access the blank form first — then save, complete, and upload

Follow the links in your FA Checklist to the blank form[s] you need to complete, and save a copy to your desktop. Then complete the form[s], and save them to your desktop. Upload the completed form[s] using the ‘Manage’ button.

5. Only upload the form or document type requested

Only upload the form(s) or type of document that was specifically requested on your Financial Aid Checklist.

  • Example 1: If a High School Completion Form is requested, do not upload a High School Transcript.
  • Example 2: If a Verification Worksheet is requested, do not upload copies of your or your parents’ IRS Tax Transcript.

Uploading the wrong form or documents that were not requested will delay the processing of your file.

6. Do not upload duplicates

Once you have successfully uploaded a document in Financial Aid Self-Service, the request status will change to Received, Not Reviewed. After the document has been loaded into our workflow, the status will change to Pending Review. This means that your document is now waiting to be processed by Financial Aid staff.

At this stage, do not attempt to upload duplicates or additional copies of documents previously submitted or that were not requested. This will cause processing delays.

If a form or document is missing information, or Financial Aid needs more information, the status of your document will be updated to Incomplete, and you will receive an email communication from our office informing you of what is needed to resolve any issues, and complete processing of your file.