Financial Aid Award Adjustments

The financial aid award is prepared based on an anticipated full-time enrollment (Fall and Winter initially with Spring/Summer added later in the year, if applicable). If actual attendance is less than that (e.g., half-time), financial aid awards will be adjusted accordingly.

Each financial aid program fund may have different credit hour requirements, as well as funding limits. Make sure you are enrolled for the appropriate number of credit hours required by the financial aid program(s) from which you are receiving funding (see below). In addition to the chart below, please refer to the Pell Grant section to determine how Pell Grant is adjusted based on actual enrollment.

Students may not receive financial aid to audit classes or for courses that have been passed and then subsequently repeated.

Financial Aid Program Fall, Winter, or Spring/Summer
Minimum Credit Hour Requirement
Federal Pell Grant: [a] [c]
EFC of 0000 to 3500 01
EFC of 3501 to 4700 06
EFC of 4701 to 5000 09
EFC of 5001 to 5234 12
Federal Direct Loans (Subsidized & Unsubsidized) [a] 06
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant(SEOG) [a] [b] 01
Michigan Competitive Scholarships (MCS) [a] [c] 06
Indian Tuition Waiver [c] 01
Tuition Incentive Program (TIP) [a] [c] 06
Federal Work Study (FWS) [b] 06

[a] – annual award limits apply – funding may not be available for Spring/Summer;
[b] – funding is limited; and
[c] – award/disbursement amounts are pro-rated for enrollment in fewer than 12 credit hours per semester.