Bookstore Charges

Your financial aid (grants, loans and scholarships) will be used to pay tuition and fee charges on your account. Once all charges on your account have been paid, if you have a credit balance on your account, you may be eligible to charge books and supplies related to your educational program against this potential credit balance at the HFC College Store. The HFC College Store will determine any limit and/or restrictions (such purchases are currently limited to $1,500 per semester).

NOTE: For students that have loans as part of their financial aid award: only loan funds that have been accepted by the student will be included in the overall amount available to the student to charge books. In addition, loan funds will not be available to charge books until one business day after the student accepts the loans.

Financial aid may not necessarily cover all your costs. In many cases, students may have to pay for a portion of their tuition, fees, and books. Students are ultimately responsible for any amounts charged in excess of their financial aid eligibility.