Transfer Resources

Many students start their College studies at HFC and earn an associate degree. You’ll save money and time by starting at HFC and then transferring to complete your bachelor's degree.

Some students also transfer to HFC from another school. Learn about your transfer options and resources below.

Transferring your credits from HFC to a four-year university

Many students choose HFC as a successful and supportive starting point before transferring to a four-year college or university. We have agreements with public and private four-year institutions to make the transfer process easier for you.

We recommend you get started on your transfer plan from Day One at HFC. The earlier you begin, the easier it will be! Set up a meeting with your Academic Advisor as soon as you enroll at HFC to set up your transfer plan.

Did you know? HFC offers Guaranteed Transfer programs to four universities where thousands of HFC students transfer each year: UM-Dearborn, Wayne State, Eastern Michigan, and Davenport's fully-online bachelor's degree. Start from the day you enroll at HFC. See “Guaranteed Transfer” section below.

Steps to take in your transfer process (see more details below):

  1. Choose an HFC program, and identify your target transfer school.
  2. See an Academic Advisor to choose HFC courses in your program that will transfer seamlessly.
    • To transfer successfully, lay out your academic goals with your advisor. They are here to help you.
    • Your advisor will help you keep track of your progress toward your goals. You should meet once per semester while at HFC.
    • Figure out whether you want to participate in one of our Learn4ward Guaranteed Transfer programs with select universities.
  3. [optional if you need more help deciding on your career path] See a Counselor to review career paths and options.
  4. Work with your advisor to apply for the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) if you are transferring to a school in Michigan.
  5. Visit your transfer school's website to find out their requirements.
  6. Apply to your transfer school (send official transcripts).
  7. Graduate from HFC.
  8. Send final official transcripts to your transfer school.

Prepare to transfer from HFC

Don't forget to start preparing early, as soon as you enroll at HFC. Meet with your advisor to begin planning for the transfer process. They can assist you with choosing a program and determining which credits will transfer the the university you want.

Choose a program and university you’d like to transfer to. If you're not sure where you would like to transfer, we recommend:

  • Make a list of multiple college possibilities.
  • Visit different schools' websites, watch their videos, take notes, and identify why you might like to attend those schools.
  • Compare the programs, locations, costs, environment, student life, and any other factors that matter to you.

Choosing classes with your advisor

After you have identified potential places you'd like to transfer, you can get help choosing specific HFC classes for upcoming semesters with help from your academic advisor.

Still not sure where you want to apply?

Your advisor can help you compare your planned HFC classes to different college or university pathways. Make an appointment with your advisor every semester to make sure you are on track, and to make any necessary adjustments.

Set up an advising appointment

Applying and sending transcripts

Once you have chosen the school you’d like to transfer to and you are less than one year away from completing your HFC degree, begin the transfer application process.

Request your transcripts here

Choose a career path with your counselor

  • If you are not sure about your goals, or if you want more specific guidance about careers and how to achieve your goals, meet with an HFC counselor. They will help you explore and define your career goals to set you up for success.

Explore Careers

Set up a counseling appointment

Learn4ward Guaranteed Transfer program

Guaranteed admission. Two college degrees in 4-6 years. Abundant resources at the lowest possible cost.

This is Learn4ward, a partnership between Henry Ford College and top universities in our region.

Learn4ward takes the guesswork out of the university transfer process. HFC students no longer have to "ask permission" to transfer to your university of choice. If you meet the criteria while you are enrolled at HFC, you are in. Guaranteed.

Learn4ward allows you to begin your academic and career pathway at HFC and seamlessly transfer to your university of choice while earning both an associate degree and bachelor’s degree within 4-6 years. You will have access to top-quality, personalized advising, as well as resources and benefits on both the HFC and university campuses.

Complete information about Learn4ward is here

Know where you want to transfer?

  • Transfer Guides
    Transfer guides from other institutions will provide a list of HFC courses you can take to meet their specific program requirements. When an HFC course is "equal to" a course at another university, this is called a "course equivalency." Use your target university's transfer guide to view your course equivalencies. Your HFC advisor can help.

  • Articulation Agreements
    Articulation agreements are specific pathways that allow you to complete an associate degree program at HFC and transfer to a specific program at the university of your choice, while making sure your HFC classes will meet the requirements of your chosen university major. If you follow the defined pathway, your HFC courses will all count at your transfer university, and you will not have to re-take any classes.

Michigan-specific transfer resources (MTA and MiTransfer Pathways)

College students in Michigan have access to many state-specific educational resources. These include guaranteed transfer credits, pre-determined pathways, and more.

  • MiTransfer, the Michigan Transfer Network
    Provides many resources to help you plan and undertake a transfer to another college or university.

    The Michigan Transfer Network has a centralized, web-based system that allows you to search course equivalencies among all Michigan colleges and universities.

  • Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)
    The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) allows you to complete specific general education courses at Henry Ford College that will count toward your major at all participating Michigan universities. You may choose to complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or by itself at HFC.

    To fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements at HFC: you must successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits from General Education Categories that are eligible for MTA; maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher in each course; and complete a minimum of one HFC credit (credit from other institutions may be used to satisfy requirements where applicable).

  • MiTransfer Pathways
    HFC and Michigan colleges and universities have collaborated to develop MiTransfer Pathways, which build on the MTA. MiTransfer Pathways were developed to accept courses more universally from colleges to universities. This helps to make the transfer process smoother. Learn more about the available pathways, or talk to your advisor.

Specialized transfer programs and resources

  • Transfer Bridges Program
    Write your own ticket to any career path with the Transfer Bridges program, connecting you from HFC to the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) at University of Michigan Ann Arbor.

  • Reverse Transfer Agreements
    If you choose to transfer away from HFC before you complete your associate degree, HFC has reverse transfer agreements with many Michigan universities. These agreements allow you to transfer university credits back to HFC and retroactively earn your associate degree from HFC. This gives you another important credential on your résumé, and you do not have to take additional courses to earn the degree.

  • Learn4ward Guaranteed Transfer program See the above information about this program, or select the link for complete details.

Need help with something you don’t see here?

We are here to help! If you need assistance with a transfer question that you don't see on this website, contact an Advisor for help.

If you are having trouble reaching someone, contact Academic Advising for assistance. Please understand you should not expect to receive a response during non-business hours. We appreciate your patience.

You also have the option of using our 24/7 chat system.

Transfer in: Become an HFC student

From our low tuition rates to our teaching-focused faculty, HFC is committed to your success. Apply Today

Ready to transfer to HFC?

  1. Apply to HFC
  2. Send Transcripts
  3. Attend an orientation session. Orientation is the best way to learn about many HFC resources and what to expect as an HFC student.

    Note: If you are not transferring college-level English or math classes, you must complete placement testing.

What to expect as you apply to transfer to HFC:

  1. Once you submit your official transcript, you will receive an email confirmation message from the Registrar's office.
  2. The Registrar's Office will send you an email to notify you that your transcript has been evaluated, and what to do next.

If you want to learn which HFC courses are equivalent to other major colleges, universities, and military education institutions, review course equivalencies in the HFC Catalog.

Use the resources on this webpage to find out more about unique transfer situations, such as AP credit, military or international credit, and more.

Transferring from a military or international school

AP, Prior College Learning, and IB credit transfers

  • AP Credit (Find more information under "Types of Dual Enrollment at HFC")
    Advanced Placement (AP) is available to you if you are a high school student. It allows you to receive college credit by taking college-level classes during high school.

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Credit
    CLEP helps you earn college credit through a variety of credit-granting exams at a low cost.

  • Prior College-Level Learning Credit
    If you are a degree-seeking or certificate-seeking student, you may be eligible to receive college credit for prior learning in specific HFC courses. This is evaluated on an individual basis, considering many factors, and will require verification of college-level capabilities.

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Credit
    International Baccalaureate credit is a way to obtain advanced standing at HFC. Credit through IB will continue to grow as more IB transcripts are submitted and courses are evaluated.

High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs

  • Apply for Articulated Credit (Find more information under "Types of Dual Enrollment at HFC - Secondary Partnerships")
    If you completed a CTE program in the last three years (or another specified program from an HFC secondary partner) in high school, you may be eligible to apply for certain free college credit(s). Once you apply for articulated credit and receive approval, these credits will appear on your HFC transcript as transfer credits.