The Registration and Records Office at HFC maintains the official, permanent academic record of every student who attends. This record is known as a transcript and is updated as grades are received.

HFC transcripts include all student credit coursework completed at the College and any transfer credit issued. There are two types of academic college transcripts: official and student copy.

An official transcript is a transcript sent directly from HFC to an external agent such as another college or an employer. An official transcript is not sent to the student. An official transcript is printed on secure paper. The student copy is generated by the student using WebAdvisor and is considered unofficial.

In most instances, academic institutions and employers who require former or current students to personally provide a transcript with an admission form or employment application will accept a student copy. An official transcript probably will be required after admission or employment.

How do I request a copy of my HFC Transcript?

If you need a copy of your transcript for personal use (student copy), log into your WebAdvisor account, click on "Transcript," and print. This is a student copy of your transcript.

If you need a copy of your transcript sent to another institution (Official Copy), log into your WebAdvisor account and click on "Transcript Request." Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and additional time for delivery. Further, students must not have a financial balance with HFC or any other holds to have their official transcript(s) released.

For historical records that are not in the current system, students/graduates should email the Office of Registration and Records at to have their records updated.

How do I know my Official Transcript request was processed?

To check the status of your official transcript request, log into WebAdvisor and click 'Transcript Request Status". The date provided is when the transcript was processed and mailed.