High school and college together

If you are a high school student, HFC's dual enrollment and related programs allow you to take approved HFC courses for college credit, and have the tuition costs covered by your high school.

Are you a high school student (or the parent of a student) looking to get a head start in college coursework? Is there a course you are interested in that is not offered by your high school? Henry Ford College offers many opportunities to help you accelerate your education.

For additional information:
Please call an Enrollment Associate
800-585-HFCC (4322)

Tirria Kendred, Director of K-12 Relations

Brandon Nowak, Articulation Agreement Manager

What is Dual Enrollment at HFC?

If you are attending high school, you may enroll in college courses through Dual Enrollment. As a high school student participating in Dual Enrollment, your tuition and fees will often be paid by your school district.

Interested? Contact your high school counseling office to discuss opportunities for Dual Enrollment or Advancement Plus.

If you are not eligible for Dual Enrollment, we offer multiple programs that are listed on this page. Feel free to browse and find a program that suits your needs.

Apply as a Dual Enrollment Student

  • You must meet with your high school counselor before registering for classes at HFC.

  • You may take courses at HFC during your high school district’s regular academic year.

  • You may enroll for all available class times: morning, afternoon, evening, online, and Saturdays.

  • If you are new to the Dual Enrollment program, you will be required to attend a Dual Enrollment Orientation session. These sessions will help you gain a better understanding of what you will need to do to succeed as a college student. They will also go over some of the important differences between high school and college. You will also learn about the services available to you at HFC.

Henry Ford Middle College Trade School - for technical and trades careers

Henry Ford Middle College Trade School (MCTS) provides hands-on learning including technical skills and job-based education. It develops introductory skills that are expected to lead to high-growth, in-demand jobs in industry. Our industry partners will prepare you for industry-credentialing tests, state licenses, or a journeyman card. These 3rd-party credentials will validate that you have the knowledge and skills to perform job-specific tasks.

You must meet with your high school counselor to make sure you are eligible before you apply for MCTS.

Apply to Henry Ford Middle College Trade School

Henry Ford College Middle College Trade School offers the following programs, leading to high-wage careers:

  • Machine Tool Technology/CNC
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Computer Information Systems - Cybersecurity
  • Computer Automated Design (CAD)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Multi-Skilled Manufacturing Maintenance (Mechatronics)
  • Civil Engineering Technology

Certificates and introductory courses:

  • Machine Tool Technology/CNC Certificate of Achievement
  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) Certificate of Achievement
  • Computer Information Systems - Cybersecurity Certificate of Achievement
  • Mobile Application Developer Certificate of Achievement
  • Medical Assistant Certificate of Achievement
Introductory Courses:
  • Drone Technology (Design and Programming)
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Product Design


Ledgra Johnson
Email: lmjohnson14@hfcc.edu
Phone: 313-317-6616

Middle College Trade School video

Partnerships with high schools - for high school and career technical credit

HFC has partnerships with area high schools (sometimes called "secondary schools") and Career Technical Education (CTE) programs to create agreements (sometimes called “articulation agreements”) that allow you the opportunity to earn college transfer credit for specific coursework that you complete in high school.

If you complete eligible courses or programs at your high school or CTE location, you may be able to apply for free college credit(s) when you graduate from high school.


HFC partnerships with high schools that offer CTE programs provide you with:

  • Academic learning experiences that are relevant to the real world
  • Job-related skills that increase employability
  • Career pathways that link high school and college education

Other benefits include:

  1. Reduces your college expenditures and degree completion time
  2. As a high school student, you can earn college transfer credit(s) that lead to industry credentials, certifications, or an associate degree
  3. Personal leadership development in high school CTE clubs that collaborate with professionals in employment areas can advance your employment and education.

How to apply

  1. Apply to HFC.
  2. Download the Secondary Articulation Agreement Packet and work with your high school principal or CTE Administrator to complete the application.
  3. Submit your completed form to:
    Email: academicservices@hfcc.edu
    Subject: Student Application for Articulated Credit
    Henry Ford College
    Academic Services
    5101 Evergreen Rd., Bldg. L-314
    Dearborn, MI 48126-3460
  4. Once your application has been processed, you will be notified through Hawkmail (HFC’s email system). Please check your Hawkmail account regularly!

Other high school and college together options

Advancement Plus - for high-performing students; funded by their parents

HFC offers the Advancement Plus program if you are identified by your high school counselor or principal as having above-average academic status.

If you are a public, private, or home-schooled student, you may take college courses that are paid for by your parent(s) or guardian(s). This program provides a route for you as a high school student to enhance your high school curriculum, enrich your academic experience, and earn college credit(s) while attending high school.

The Advancement Plus program is intended for enrollment in college-level courses numbered 100 and above.

Apply to HFC

Eligibility and Requirements

All high-performing high school students are eligible to enroll as Advancement Plus students at HFC. We encourage you to speak with your counselor to discuss what classes best meet your needs.

Applying for Advancement Plus

  1. Speak with your high school counselor. Discuss with your high school counselor which classes best meet your needs.
  2. Complete an application to HFC.
  3. Pay for classes. Our EZ Pay Program is a great way to help pay for tuition at HFC.


Tuition and fees for Advancement Plus are paid by your parent(s) or guardian(s).

Advanced Placement - college credit from eligible high school classes

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program available to selected students in high school that provides an opportunity to accelerate your educational program by taking, in your senior year of high school, one or more subjects at a college level.

How Advanced Placement (AP) credit works

AP course subjects cover material of a college course and provide you an opportunity to advance your college education while you are in high school.

The College Entrance Examination Board gives Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations that cover advanced work in May of each year. Scores from the AP Examinations are used by HFC and other colleges and universities to determine how much college credit you can receive for any given course.

Information regarding these examinations and dates is available through your high school.

Receiving Credit for AP Courses at HFC

HFC determines what advanced placement courses are eligible for college credit at HFC, as well as the minimum score required.

Students at Henry Ford College who wish to receive Advanced Placement credits must submit an official copy of the Advanced Placement test scores from the College Entrance Examination Board to the Office of Registration and Records at the following address:

Henry Ford College
Office of Registration and Records
5101 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, MI 48128

After the official transcript and request forms have been received, the Office of Registration and Records will:

  1. Establish an official student record and record the Advanced Placement Course(s) on your official Henry Ford College transcript.
  2. Send a copy of the transcript to you that identifies the Advanced Placement credits that were accepted by HFC.

Questions? Registrar@hfcc.edu

Courses and Credit Hours Accepted

The following courses and credit hours are currently accepted through the College Entrance Examination Board Advanced Placement Program. If you have taken other advanced high school courses that you believe might qualify, please contact registrar@hfcc.edu:

AP Subject Score Required Credits Equivalent HFC Courses
American History 3 or above 3 semester hours HIST 151 or HIST 152
Biology 4 or 5 4 semester hours BIO 131
Chemistry 4 or 5 4 semester hours CHEM 111
Computer Science A 4 or 5 4 semester hours CIS 125
Computer Science Principles 4 or 5 3 semester hours CIS General Elective Credit
English Lang/Comp AND Lit Comp 4 or above in Lang Comp AND 3 or above in Lit Comp 3 semester hours each ENG 131 AND ENG 132
English Lang/Comp OR Lit Comp 3 or above 3 semester hours ENG 131
Environmental Science 4 or 5 3 semester hours BIO 138
French 3 4 semester hours FRE 131
French 4 or 5 8 semester hours FRE 131 and FRE 132
German 3 4 semester hours GER 131
German 4 or 5 8 semester hours GER 131 and GER 132
Macroeconomics 3 or above 3 semester hours BEC 151
Microeconomics 3 or above 3 semester hours BEC 152
Math (Calculus AB) 3 or above 5 semester hours MATH 180
Math (Calculus BC) 3 or above 10 semester hours MATH 180 and MATH 183
Math (Precalculus) 3 or above 5 semester hours MATH 175
Math (Statistics) 3 or above 4 semester hours MATH 141
Music Appreciation 3 or above 2 semester hours MUS 131
Music Literature 3 or above 3 semester hours MUS 132
Music Theory 3 or above 4 semester hours MUS 135
Music Sight Singing 3 or above 2 semester hours MUS 141
Physics 1: Algebra-Based 3 or above 4 semester hours PHYS 131
Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism 4 or 5 5 semester hours PHYS 232
Physics C: Mechanics 4 or 5 5 semester hours PHYS 231
Political Science U.S. Government & Politics 3 or above 3 semester hours POLS 131
Psychology Introduction to Psychology 3 or above 3 semester hours PSY 131
Spanish 3 4 semester hours SPN 131
Spanish 4 or 5 8 semester hours SPN 131 and SPN 132

Henry Ford Collegiate Academy - diploma and degree in 5 years, for Dearborn School District students

A high school diploma PLUS free college degree in 5 years

If you are a Dearborn Public Schools student, you can earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree in only five years at no cost to your parents or you through the Henry Ford Collegiate Academy (HFCA). HFCA allows you to enter the program during your junior year of high school. Normally, a high school diploma and a college diploma would take at least 6 years to complete (4 high school + 2 college).

For more information, visit the HFCA website.

Apply to HFC

Henry Ford Early College - for health careers

Henry Ford Early College (HFEC) is a five-year program that allows you to complete high school and up to two years of college credit(s) in preparation for a career in health care. You will begin as a high school freshman and may be eligible for employment in the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) after you graduate.

For more information, visit the HFEC website.

Apply to HFC

Dual Enrollment Guide for High School Counselors

Why support students in Dual Enrollment at HFC?

Dual enrollment provides an opportunity for high school students to take HFC courses for college credit(s) and have tuition covered by their high school.

HFC averages more than 2,000 dual enrollment students per semester. Dual enrollment students have access to all HFC student services such as free tutoring, counseling, library, etc.

Dual enrollment gives students a head start on their future, with great teaching, great support, and zero or low cost to them. There is no better way for high school students to begin their college experience in a supportive setting.

Benefits and Popular Courses for Dual Enrollment

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Earn college credit while still in high school
  • Access courses that are not offered at the high school
  • Experiential learning in a small class environment
  • Save time and money while getting a head start toward a college degree

Popular Courses for Dual Enrollment

  • ENG 131: Intro to College Writing
  • PSY 131: Intro Psychology
  • CIS 100: Intro to Information Technology
  • SPC 131: Fundamentals of Speaking
  • ART 121: Art History
  • BIO 131: Intro to Biology
  • BEC 151: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • BEC 152: Principles of Microeconomics
  • SOC 131: Intro to Sociology
  • HUM 101: Intro to Humanities

Steps to Enroll Students at HFC

Step 1: Speak with the student

  • Discuss responsibilities of enrolling in college courses
    • Importance of passing classes with good grades (affects the permanent transcript and transferrability)
    • Managing two academic calendars -- high school and college
  • Identify objectives for dual enrollment such as career exploration, transferable credits, or general education requirements

Step 2: Help the student apply to HFC

  • Apply to HFC
    • Students who have applied to HFC previously should log in using their email and password they used when they initially applied to HFC. Please note this is not their HFC student portal login info.
  • Students applying to dual enroll will receive an email within 1-2 business days with instructions on how to set up their HFC student account.
  • Returning dual enroll students will be able to use their established HFC login credentials.

Step 3: Determine whether the student needs course placement

  • Depending on course selection, students may be required to take course placement at HFC for English and math
  • SAT scores of at least 470 English or 500 math can be used to waive course placement

Step 4: Encourage the student to participate in dual enrollment orientation

Step 5: Monitor the student's class registration

  • Students will register online using Student Planning through the HFC Student Portal
  • Registration for Fall semester opens in April and for Winter semester in November
  • Students who need helping logging in may visit the Password Help page or contact the help desk at 313-845-6345

Step 6: Help the student complete the payment authorization

  • Any student interested in dual enrollment who is not a student of Dearborn Public Schools must submit a payment authorization form
  • In order to avoid having students dropped from classes due to non-payment, counselors must submit a documented list of students who wish to have their classes protected prior to payment due date via email to Dellonda Bryant, dwbryant1@hfcc.edu
  • Billing process occurs after add/drop date for the semester
  • If tuition is not paid in full, the student will be responsible for the remaining balance

Please review the student process on the Get Started at HFC page for more information.