Course Placement

As a new student, you are required to take Course Placement before you can register for classes. Course Placement at HFC is an assessment designed to identify your skills in math, reading, and writing.

You can take the Course Placement at the Assessment Center which is located on the first floor of the Welcome Center (WC). Testing hours are Monday–Thursday at 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. and Friday at 8 a.m.–2:30 p.m. No appointment is necessary.

Available Tests

Most students take a computerized assessment for Course Placement called COMPASS, but HFC also offers other testing options for students with special needs and those who wish to place into advanced subject courses. See all available tests.

Waiving Course Placement with ACT

If you took the ACT, you may be eligible to waive course placement. You may send your official ACT scores to HFC directly through ACT, or by requesting your high school to send them via e-mail, fax or USPS. Scores that are hand-delivered are not official.

  • To place into MATH 112, MATH 115, MATH 121, or MATH 150 you need a minimum ACT Mathematics score of 22.
  • To place into ENG 131 you need the following minimum ACT scores:
    • If taken September 2015 or later: English score of 18 and Subject-Level Writing score of 19.
    • If taken between 2009 and September 2015: English score of 18 and ACT Writing Test score of 6.
    • If taken prior to 2009: English score of 21.