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The University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center is located on the first floor of the Student Success Center. We offer the services below.

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Selecting a Career Path

Our goal at Academic Advising is to assist you in selecting a career path. This service provides advice regarding the implementation and achievement of your educational goals. Counselors advise in the following areas:

  • Selection of courses related to an educational program/curriculum/degree;
  • Selection of an appropriate schedule/times for classes;
  • Time management/balancing classes taken with various lifestyles; and
  • Study skills, planning, and development.

HFC offers four ways for you to connect your goals to a career path.

  • In-Person Advising: Call the University Transfer, Advising, and Career Counseling Center at 313- 845-9611.
  • Online Advising: Email counseling@hfcc.edu with the subject line "Online Advising." In the message, please indicate the academic pathway or area of interest.
  • Self-Service Advising: Click here to link to the Programs of Study page that provides career pathways (guide-sheets) for each of the degrees and certificates that HFC offers.
  • Online Program Evaluation (Degree Audit): HFC's WebAdvisor offers an interactive online evaluation of your progress toward the completion of a degree or certificate. You must be a currently enrolled HFC student with a WebAdvisor password to access this service.

Career Counseling

This service assists students in the lifelong process of choosing, planning and preparing for appropriate careers. All HFC counselors are State of Michigan Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) or Limited Licensed Professional Counselors (LLPC), and many have additional National Board of Certified Counseling certifications in counseling (NCC) and career counseling (NCCC). Career planning services include:

  • Selection of a career path and a plan to implement this path through selection of formal education, training, and practical experience;
  • Assessments that measure interests, values, skills, experience and personality;
  • Career Resource Center; and
  • Computerized career guidance software such as Career Focus 2.

Personal Counseling

We provide students with services that address the following:

  • Stop Test Anxiety Click here for more information;
  • Self-defeating behaviors;
  • Stress/anxiety reduction;
  • Coping with change;
  • Depression;
  • Anger Management;
  • Parenting Skills; and
  • Assistance and support during career/life transitions.

Transferring HFC Credits to Other Colleges & Universities

Are you planning to continue your education beyond HFC? If so, we have the tools to help you select the courses that transfer from HFC to the college or university of your choice. Visit our Transfer Out from HFC page for resources that can help you plan your next steps.

Counselor Appointments

To see a counselor, call 313-845-9611 or send an email to counseling@hfcc.edu. Include in the subject line "Counselor Appointment." In the message. please provide your name and telephone number, and someone will contact you regarding a counselor's availability.

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