About HFC

Today's College Students Have Hundreds of Choices

Where to go to college and how to get an education is a major decision. Some students choose to go away to college. Others decide to get their education online. Many students decide to get their education at local colleges. Some really aren't sure where to get their education or even when or how to get started on their education. At HFC, we're committed to helping you make the right choice for you.

HFC Is Your Best Choice for Growing, Thinking, and Knowledge

If you know what you want in a college education, we can help. If you do not know what you want or even if you should go to college, we can also help. Throughout 75 years of educational excellence and innovation, we have helped thousands upon thousands of students make important lifetime educational decisions.

We Are Dedicated To Your Success

Everyone at HFC is dedicated to helping you identify and achieve your educational goals. Our professional counselors will help you design your lifetime dream through personalized and individualized attention.

  • We will help you design your degree, career, trade or technical plan.
  • We will help you select the programs and classes you need.
  • We will help you stay on course and help you achieve your goals.

Our Faculty Will Work With You To Achieve Your Goals

  • We are dedicated to students and are very accessible to you.
  • We have masters degrees, doctoral degrees or the relevant work experience in the courses we teach.
  • We teach in small classes so students get the personal attention they need for their success.
  • We are involved with student organizations and get to know students on a "first name" basis.
  • You will receive personal course mentoring and tutoring if you need it.
  • You will also have online resources and student services.

You Will Be Prepared For Success In Today's Economy

Our high-tech facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and modern classrooms and labs will prepare you for success in today's economy.

  • You can take just one class to update your skills OR...
  • You can enter a program leading to an associate degree OR...
  • You can obtain the first two years of a bachelors degree.

We'll Help You Obtain Financial Aid To Achieve Your Education

  • You will receive high quality education and great value at HFC.
  • You can also select one of our deferred payment programs.
  • You will also have hundreds of scholarship opportunities to review.

You Will Obtain An Education on Your Terms

  • Whenever and however you want to do it.
  • Choose from hundreds of classes and numerous instructors.
  • Select from day, evening, weekends and on-line courses.
  • Everything you need to achieve your education is in one location.
  • There is something here to help everyone's future growth plans. You will get everything you expect from college. Guaranteed!