You Are Welcome at HFC


HFC is a Welcoming College for everyone

The HFC community works to provide a welcoming, supportive environment for YOU. This includes all students, staff, faculty, alumni, visitors, suppliers, and community members. No matter where you are from; what you believe; what your abilities and talents are; what your gender, identity or expression is; what your sexual orientation is; how you look; how you dress; how smart you are; how old you are; what your socioeconomic status is; or any other aspect of the human experience:

We believe you belong.

We are dedicated to LIVING the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

We invite and appreciate all HFC community members who join us in a spirit of mutual respect, as we actively foster connection, openness, courageous dialog, understanding, and acceptance. These can be challenging goals in an environment of so much human diversity. We gratefully embrace the challenge!

We Stand With You

HFC’s long-standing commitment to welcoming a diverse community is woven throughout its College Mission Statement, values, policies, services, and daily practices.

We Support You

HFC is committed to helping you succeed in your academic and career goals, no matter what they are. We offer resources and support to help you stay on track, both in good times and difficult times. All students are encouraged to take advantage of these resources.

In addition to the specific items below, HFC offers an array of academic and personal support services to support your life and success at HFC.

Non-Discrimination Statement

In addition to all the other demonstrated ways HFC is a Welcoming College, we also actively comply with Michigan and federal laws prohibiting discrimination:

The College is committed to equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of a person’s age, race, color, religion, marital status, sex/gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, gender transitioning, height, weight, national origin, disability, perceived disability, political affiliation, familial status, veteran status, genetics, or any other characteristic protected by law in all College programs, services, activities, employment and advancement, including without limitation educational admissions practices, and access to, equitable treatment or employment compensation and benefits as required by state and federal laws.

In accordance with state and federal law, local ordinances, and our own core values, the College prohibits and will not tolerate any form of discrimination.

Read the College's complete policy and definitions on Equal Educational and Employment Opportunities and Non-Discrimination.