Grades from all previous semesters are available online at WebAdvisor.

Academic grades are posted to the student's transcript at the end of each semester. College faculty are responsible for submitting final grades for all enrolled students within 48 hours after the end of the semester.

The grades shown here are with their value in honor points per semester hour of credit.

Henry Ford College uses the following grades to evaluate academic achievement:

Grade Honor Points Description Notes
A 4 Superior achievement as demonstrated by the ability to master materials of the course.
B 3 Highly satisfactory work in the required areas of the course.
C 2 Proficiency in most of the course requirements.
D 1 Some proficiency in the course requirements, accompanied by unacceptable deficiencies. The student is neither fully qualified to take an advanced course nor to continue the sequence.
E 0 Course requirements not met.
I 0 Incomplete.
DR 0 Instructor-given drop.
W 0 Student initiated drop.
S 0 Satisfactory completion of course requirements. The College considers this to be the equivalent of a C grade or better.
U 0 Unsatisfactory completion of course requirements.
R 0 Repeated course.
AU 0 Audit.
NG 0 No grade reported.
NA 0 Student never attended course.
TR 0 Transfer credit (credit hours transfer only)