Course Attendance Policies

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Please note that dates are subject to change at the discretion of the College. Students should bookmark this page and check for updates.

Student Attendance

Students are expected to attend the courses for which they register. Students who do not attend their classes are reported to the Office of Registration and Records and to the Office of Financial Aid. Failure to attend will result in being marked as “never attended and not permitted to attend/re-register. Additionally, a student having financial aid may have their award decreased or completely reversed.

If a student decides not to attend a course, the student is responsible for dropping the course. If a student stops attending and does not formally drop a course, they will be charged the full tuition amount for the course(s).

Alternative time courses

For courses that are less than 8 weeks in duration, if the course is dropped BEFORE the course begins, there is a 100% tuition refund. NO tuition refund AFTER the course starts.


Students are expected to pay by the deadlines, meet the financial aid priority dates or enroll in the EZ Pay payment plan. Failure to do this may result in being de-registered and not permitted to re-register in the same courses. Please see the Enrollment Services Important Dates link to the left for the deadlines.

Requirements for Withdrawal

Students have the ability to drop courses without penalty through the first 7 days (including the first day of class) of a full (Fall, Winter, and Summer) semester. No grade is issued for dropped courses during the non-penalty phase of the add/drop period.

Thereafter, students may withdraw from a course until the 60% point in the semester. Throughout this time, as a student withdraws they will receive the grade of “W” and are required to pay for the course in its entirety.

All dropping and withdrawing is initiated by the student and can be completed by the student using HFC Self Service Plan & Schedule.

Dates of adding and dropping courses can be found on the academic calendar for the current semester. These dates are communicated to students through email, and also sent to students with each registration (add, drop and withdrawal) transaction.