Enrollment Verification

Students should create their own enrollment or degree verification letter through Student Self-Service, select Verification Letters at NSC Student Self-Service. This form should only be used for non-traditional verification requests.

What is it?

Many public and private entities require a person claiming student status to have their claim verified by the college or university they attend. The Registrar's office can provide enrollment verification in a college level course. (Non-credit classes do not count.)

Some of the most common reasons student enrollment verifications are requested include:

  • To remain on health insurance of parent(s);
  • To defer repayment of educational loans;
  • To comply with certain public assistance requirements;
  • To comply with VISA requirements; and
  • To maintain eligibility for state and federally funded financial aid, or employer-sponsored plans.

What is verified?

Usually, only the information requested by the student is verified, unless we are required by law to provide additional information.

The most common items verified by Henry Ford College include:

  • Dates of attendance;
  • Semester hours of credit earned or attempted;
  • Grade point average;
  • Last term or date of attendance; and
  • Full, half-time or part-time status.

Are specific forms required?

Most agencies requesting student enrollment verification send a specific form to the individual student. Usually the student and/or parents/guardian are required to complete a part of the form. The student brings or mails the form to the appropriate HFC office - usually Registration & Records or Financial Aid. Accordingly, most agencies are specific about what information they want verified and how the form is to be signed, dated and returned. If you do not have a form, you can use the Verification Request Form under "Submit Electronic Forms Online (Dynamic Forms)." To create a free verification letter at the Student Self-Service link through the National Student Clearinghouse, please visit Verification Letters at NSC Student Self-Service.

How long does this process take?

Information regarding previous enrollment is completed and mailed within 5 - 7 business days. Some information regarding current enrollment or future enrollment may be delayed until enrollment is confirmed as official under current state law. (For example, after the end of the second week of instruction in a 15-week semester.)

Is there a charge for verification?

This service is free at HFC.

Need more information or have additional questions?

Please call 1-800-585-4322 during regular business hours.