Degree and Certificate of Achievement Applications

Once you have met the graduation requirements, you must submit an online application to receive a bachelor's degree, associate degree or a certificate of achievement.

Self-Service Graduation Form - you will receive an immediate HawkMail email confirmation when submitted.

If you are applying for degrees or certificates that are not your current active program or applying for multiple programs, please complete the Application for Graduation from any Program. You will receive a HawkMail email confirmation when your application has been manually entered in the system.

Application Deadlines

HFC graduates students three times per year (August, December, and May).

August (Spring/Summer) Graduation

Applications for spring/summer graduation must be submitted by July 15.

December (Fall) Graduation

Applications for fall graduation must be submitted by Nov. 15.

May (Winter) Graduation

Applications for winter graduation must be submitted by Feb. 15.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: Winter and Summer applicants who want to participate in Commencement must apply by Feb.15 to ensure receipt of important notices regarding Commencement (Only Bachelor and Associate degree candidates may participate in Commencement).

Your Next Steps

Log onto HFC Self-Service and view My Progress. You will see your current active program as the only option. If you aren't assigned to the appropriate academic program, please contact the Academic Advising Office at 313 317-6845 or A student who updates their program will be placed into the current catalog version of that program. If you need assistance with reviewing your evaluation, we recommend that you contact the Academic Advising Office or consult your program director.

Please keep in mind the following information when reviewing your academic evaluation:

  • Courses marked "CRSE HIST' will not appear to fulfill degree requirements. This is a manual review process performed by the Registrar staff.
  • If you have a substitution form, it will be added to your file. This document will be reviewed manually when you apply for graduation and will not appear to fulfill degree requirements on your program evaluation.

After submitting a graduation application, students will receive an email confirmation. Students who do not meet their program requirements for the semester in which they applied will receive email notification. Students who have been notified that they have not met the requirements will be required to submit a new graduation application.


Diplomas are mailed a minimum of twelve weeks after the end of the semester for students who do not owe the College a balance.


Please see the commencement web page for further information.