Degree and Certificate of Achievement Applications

You must submit an application to receive an Associate Degree or a Certificate of Achievement.

Apply online using WebAdvisor or complete the appropriate form below and submit by email to, by fax to 313-845-6464, or drop the application in the Welcome Center Drop Box.

Application Deadlines

HFCC graduates students three times per year (August, December and May).

August (Spring/Summer) Graduation

Applications for spring/summer graduation must be submitted by July 15.

December (Fall) Graduation

Applications for fall graduation must be submitted by November 15.

May (Winter) Graduation

Applications for winter graduation must be submitted by February 15.

IMPORTANT DEADLINE: Winter applicants who want to participate in Commencement must apply by February 15 to ensure receipt of important notices regarding Commencement. (Only Associate degree candidates may participate in Commencement.) Students or graduates who do not attend the cap and gown fitting may participate in Commencement but will not receive guest tickets.

Your Next Steps

Log onto WebAdvisor and select ‘Program Evaluation’. Select one of the programs assigned to your academic record (obviously the program you applied for graduation). If you aren’t assigned to the appropriate academic program you should contact to request a change of program. The Program Evaluation tool in WebAdvisor is the same tool the Registration and Records staff uses to evaluate your record for graduation. If you need assistance with reviewing your evaluation, we recommend that you contact the Academic Advising Office at (313) 317-6845 or consult your program Director.

Please keep in mind the following information when reviewing your academic evaluation:

  • If you were admitted to HFCC before the Fall 2012 semester, and you have not changed you academic program, you may use a maximum of 6 credit hours of course work numbered below 100 toward meeting graduation elective credits. If you were admitted the Fall 2012 semester or after, you are not allowed to use course work numbered below 100 toward meeting graduation elective credits.
  • If you have a substitution or waiver it will be considered after the semester ends and the Registration and Records Staff perform your final evaluation.
  • Courses marked ‘CRSE HIST’ will not populate in the appropriate fields until your final evaluation is performed.


Diplomas are mailed twelve weeks after the end of the semester for students who do not owe the College a balance.


Please see the commencement web page for further information.