Culinary Arts / Hospitality Programs

Culinary Arts/Hospitality provides students the ability to learn about cuisine, menu planning and creating memorable guest experiences. Six culinary labs, a dedicated computer lab and culinary video production studio in the Culinary Arts Center provide plenty of opportunity for hands-on experience practicing the art, craft, and business of hospitality. Get right into the kitchen with our chefs by taking a hands-on cooking and baking skills class. Explore the hospitality industry to find an exciting career path ahead of you. Professional careers that rely on your character, leadership, and technical skills are available and waiting in the global industry of hospitality and tourism.

It is important that today’s hospitality professionals have business management expertise, strong culinary skills and a global perspective. Well-paying management positions in the expanding range of hotels, travel destinations, food and food service companies continue to increase, along with the need for educated, experienced leaders. Our multidisciplinary approach to hospitality education in the Bachelor of Science in Culinary Arts program builds on the strong technical skills and hands-on lab experience students receive through HFC's nationally recognized Culinary Arts Associate degree program.