Media Communication Arts

If you love all things media, communications, broadcast, audio and video, and other creative areas, HFC’s Media Communication Arts Program is a great option for you.

Interested in this program?

Why should I choose this program?

Dive into the world of media with a program that’s as dynamic as the industry itself. When you’re in the Media Communication Arts program, you’re not just studying media, you’re living it. From day one, you’ll begin a journey through the evolution of media, explore cutting-edge theories. You will be immersed in hands-on, real-world projects. By the time you finish, you will have the knowledge and experience to enter the field as a media professional or continue your studies at a four-year program.

Our instructors are not just teachers. They’re seasoned professionals from the industry who will guide you through the range of media studies with wisdom and insider insights, covering everything from video and audio production, media editing, film history and criticism, script and screenwriting, performance for voiceover and on-camera, broadcast journalism, and more.

Our media gear lab is filled with the latest tech and tools for you to explore. You’ll develop your craft in our top-notch facilities, including a Mac editing lab that’s on par with the pros, a TV studio equipped with professional sets and 4K cameras, and podcast studios that will be your ticket to content creation. Plus, there’s WHFR, 89.3FM, our own FCC-licensed FM radio and internet station that broadcasts programs and music 24/7.

Whether you’re just starting out or already in the business and looking for retraining, we’ll meet you where you are and work with you to expand your comfort level, knowledge, and skillset. Let the Media Communication Arts program help bring your creative dreams to life and define the next generation of media.

Film and Media Club

What skills will I learn and improve?

  • Production skills: shooting, directing, lighting, producing, overall media content creation
  • Editing skills: video and audio editing, content management, and transforming raw footage into powerful stories
  • Media writing skills: scriptwriting, screenwriting, media criticism, audio and video broadcast writing, podcasts, blogs, and other digital storytelling
  • Performance skills: voiceover, character creation, interviewing, news delivery, video performance via teleprompter, dramatic performance, improv, ad-lib, ensemble work, and audition techniques

What are my career opportunities?

Median Salary

A degree in Media Communication Arts offers many job opportunities in a variety of media areas, such as:

  • Production and Editing: video, television of film producer, director, camera operator, audio or radio producer or director, video or audio editor, working on set or in studio
  • Talent: radio, TV, or voiceover announcer, broadcast journalist, sports announcer, interviewer or performer, social media content creator
  • Media Writing: screenwriter, script writer, media critic, podcaster, blogger, broadcast /news journalist

Program features and benefits

  • Gear Up with Professional Equipment: As a student, you will have access to top-notch equipment for your projects. Explore and innovate with everything you need at your fingertips.
  • On-Air with WHFR-FM: Take to the airwaves with our 24/7 FM radio and internet station. Create a music, sports, or talk show, or work in broadcast production, promotions, music direction, or programming.
  • State-of-the-Art TV Studio and Control Room: Work behind the scenes or in front of the camera or microphone. Get hands-on with the latest in production technology, from our TriCaster switcher and 4K cameras, to our professional microphones and studio sets.
  • Mac Editing Lab: Twenty cutting-edge Mac workstations await your creative projects, equipped for both video and audio editing.
  • Podcast Studios: Our new studios are your playground for creating engaging content.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Jennifer R.


My time at HFC in the Media Communication Arts program was honestly a blast. I enjoyed the hands-on approach this program made possible. I enjoyed how we were able to learn different areas of media; i.e. behind the screen, radio, the technical aspect, the history of film, journalism and so much more! When I first knew I wanted to be in the media, my heart was always in radio/t.v. broadcasting. After I graduated from HFC, I continued my education at Specs Howard School of Media. After graduating from Specs, I have been able to work with companies such as WDIV channel 4, 101 WRIF radio station and now as a new employee of Cumulus Media in Ann Arbor. I'm thankful for all the Instructors at HFC and their passion for such a great program as this.

Chadd C.


Currently, I am the director of Digital Programming, Social Media, Video & Photography for Cumulus Media Detroit. While at HFC I stumbled upon an internship here at Cumulus Detroit. After inquiring to both Cumulus and Susan McGraw who runs the Media Communication Arts internship program at HFC, I was welcomed in with open arms. I was lucky to have a school that supported me in this endeavor and worked with me on the issues of working, going to classes and interning. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I have been granted because of HFC.

Austin M.


I graduated in May 2015 and earned two associate degrees (Liberal Arts & Media Communication Arts). My experiences at HFC will be moments to remember for the rest of my life. There were many personal struggles, obstacles and hurdles I faced and had to climb each semester. However, Henry Ford College helped me discover what I was truly passionate for by broadening my horizons and shaping my reality toward the career path I've decided to go into.


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FT Faculty - Media Communication Arts
FT Faculty - Media Communication Arts
Media Communication Arts - Teaching - AFO
Media Communication Arts - Teaching - AFO