Respiratory Therapist

Do you like the idea of being a part of a dynamic team that makes critical decisions for patients? Then check out HFC's Respiratory Therapist program!

Interested in this program?

Why should I choose this program?

HFC's Respiratory Therapist program is highly respected and recruited from in the State of Michigan, receiving Distinguished RRT Credentialing Success awards from the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC), and achieving an overall job placement of 100% for graduates actively seeking employment.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare you with the skills needed for immediate professional placement through a blend of foundational classroom learning and hands-on lab and clinical experience. You will have the opportunity to use our state-of-the-art laboratory simulation stations to practice using professional equipment and delivering patient care. You will also gain real clinical experience.

What skills will I learn and improve?

  • Clinical decision-making
  • Effectively communicate with patients, physicians, and other medical personnel
  • Assessment decision-making
  • Data management
  • Physician recommendations

What are my career opportunities?

Median Salary

You may work in a variety of settings, including:

  • Floor therapy
  • Intensive care units
  • Pediatric and neonatal care units

Program features and benefits

  • Networking Opportunities

    You will get the chance to attend the Michigan Society for Respiratory Care Conference (MSRC) each spring where you'll have the ability to network with Respiratory Therapists from across the state.

  • Hands-on experience

    HFC offers patient simulation stations to gain valuable experience and skills with real-world situations.

  • Local job growth

    As of 2016, the job growth in the local area is 24% higher compared to the national average.


Lists the faculty associated with this program and their contact information.

Kim Najarian, M.A.
FT Faculty - Respiratory Therapy