Is it your dream to become a classroom teacher or a paraprofessional? Our Pre-Education program will give you a great foundation and prepare you for your next steps.

Interested in this program?

Why should I choose this program?

Our program is designed to prepare you to continue to study at the university level to achieve teacher certification in Elementary Education and Secondary Education. If you are studying to become a paraprofessional, our program will prepare you for immediate employment with public and private elementary and secondary schools. When you earn your degree from HFC, your two years of coursework will apply toward a bachelor's degree at a 4-year college/university, and you will have gained practical experience in the classroom. The HFC program will also give you opportunities to express your creativity and stretch your capabilities.

The Pre-Education program provides three options:

  1. Associate degree program in Pre-Elementary Education
  2. Associate degree program in Pre-Secondary Education
  3. Certificate of Achievement in Education Paraprofessional

The associate degrees are designed to get you halfway to your bachelor's degree at a university -- with amazing experiences and skills that can set you apart from your future classmates. We offer seamless transfer to many university schools of education, including Eastern Michigan University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, and Wayne State University. If you are planning on transferring to a different university, our Pre-Education faculty are excited to help you with this process.

The Education Paraprofessional program prepares you to begin your career immediately as an assistant to a classroom teacher. It does not require you to earn an associate degree. Paraprofessional students may wish to pursue additional education later, which will provide more options for professional growth over time.

What skills will I learn and improve?

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Lesson planning
  • Learning styles
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Patience and organization
  • Stamina

What are my career opportunities?

Transfer to a four-year program will lead to teacher certification, which may include:

Preschool teacher Median Salary
Elementary school teacher Median Salary
High school teacher Median Salary

Program features and benefits

Classroom Observation

Through HFC's partnerships with surrounding school districts and universities, you will participate in a collaborative practicum experience with a seasoned educator in an elementary, middle, or high school classroom.

Become a Paraprofessional

Work immediately after graduation with public and private elementary and secondary schools.

Transfer to University of Your Choice

HFC Pre-Education Program has been designed to provide the first two years of a teacher education program with the end goal of transferring to a four-year teacher education program.

Student Testimonials

Amal H.


HFC was my first choice, because I have not been to school in a long time. I wanted to ease back in before transferring to a large university. I already feel that I have benefited so much by starting out at HFC. The College holds high academic standards which will definitely make me prepared for Wayne State.

I had Dr. Hariri for two math courses and I truly benefitted from his way of teaching. Mathematics is not my strong suit, and he was able to simplify things and make them very understandable. I also had Dr. Casale last semester for performing arts and humanities. I enjoyed that class so much because I felt that the class assignments were very well thought out and not just thrown together to fill the syllabus. Each assignment is applicable to things that we encounter every day. I felt that I had taken the most away from that class than any other class. Both of these teachers are very passionate about what they are teaching, and the student can feel this. They are both very approachable and genuinely want students to walk away more knowledgeable.

There is nothing I want more than reaching my goal of becoming a teacher. I love working with children and want to make learning an enjoyable experience for them. I had a very inspirational third grade teacher whom I will never forget. I hope that one day students can look back and say the same thing about me."

Chelsie G.


I decided to attend HFC because it was a very affordable option for my program.

Dr. Casale has had a tremendous impact on me as a teacher. Her passion for the field of education has really been an inspiration to me.

I prefer elementary because I connect well with that age group. At the elementary level, the children are like sponges and are very engaged in learning. At this point, I would like to be a 1st to 3rd grade classroom teacher.

Summer M.


I have always enjoyed working with kids and wanted to pursue a job in this field. I want to become a teacher who students can look up to, and someone who leaves a positive impact on their lives.

I decided to pursue my education at HFC because it offers many great programs. The classes are affordable, and there are many services provided that can help you succeed. I also love how small the class size is. All of the professors I have met were extremely intelligent and cared about our education. They have been kind and understanding.

I feel like I’ve been provided with the best skill set to be successful in school and in my career.

Shiyma A.


I decided to pursue my education at HFC because it is affordable, flexible, and gives me the opportunity to try out various classes, degrees, and programs. During the time I’ve spent here, I’ve been lucky enough to have access to many opportunities and different clubs. I'm glad that I decided to attend HFC because it has provided me with a strong foundation and helped me decide to pursue a career in education.

Dr. Casale is an excellent teacher who makes learning fun and interesting. She is approachable, professional, and has great communication skills, not to mention strong dedication to what she does. I wish I had taken more classes with her.

I believe that one of the most effective ways for me to give back to my community is through teaching. Teaching grabbed my attention as I enjoy seeing each student's individual talents and strengths, watching them grow day by day during their educational journey. It is also a job with lots of variety. I view teaching as one of the most rewarding professions. I love learning and being in a learning environment. Without a doubt, my enthusiasm for the teaching profession has increased!