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Whether you are interested in community service, more experience in your academic program, or just meeting friends and having fun, you'll find a variety of clubs at HFC.

Complete the Club Interest Form and indicate which clubs you are interested in joining. If you want to form a new club, or have questions about campus life, contact the Student Activities Office.

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Information on student clubs and activities, and volunteer opportunities.

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The Office of Student Activities governs the policies and procedures regarding recognition and the operation of student groups on campus. To be recognized by the College, prospective student groups must meet the following criteria:

  • At least ten currently enrolled student members, who will be active with the club.
  • A current membership roster listing names, student ID numbers, hawkmail addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Club officers (president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, etc.)
  • Club advisor, full-time or part-time HFC faculty or staff member.
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Approval of Constitution document with signatures of the club president and club advisor.
  • A list of potential activities.

Submit completed documents to the Office of Student Activities. The paperwork will be reviewed by the Director of Student Activities and Vice President of Student Affairs for final approval. The following are taken into consideration:

  • The nature of the club.
  • The group demonstrates viability and effectiveness in fulfilling its constitution and intended purpose by submitting meeting agendas and minutes as part of its paperwork.
  • The membership has potential to grow.
  • The constitution includes the provision that every currently enrolled student at HFC has the right to join the club. If the prospective group is approved, the club president and club advisor will be notified of its status.

Current Club List

African American Association

Promotes and provides awareness of African American culture and history through educational programs, community involvement, and campus activities.

Advisor: Paul Rodgers, (313) 317-6673;

American Sign Language

The purpose of the American Sign Language Club (ASL) is to provide a forum for students who share a common interest in learning, participating, and cultivating language.

Advisor: Jennifer Stewart;

Animation, Comics, and Gaming

The club provides a venue for sharing of information, attending events relating to animation, comics, and gaming, and social events for students.

Advisor: Kenneth Nichols, (313) 317-6888;

Arab Student Union

Increases awareness among Arabs and non-Arabs by promoting academic, cultural, political, and social activities on campus and in the community.

Contact: Office of Student Activities, (313) 845-9865;

Astronomy Club

Encourages student involvement to see the fun side of astronomy and science. Works with other clubs to increase interest in the math and science worlds.

Advisor: Steve Murrell, (313) 317-1536;

Baking Club

Students learn about baking and pastry arts. The club provides the opportunity to learn about careers in baking and pastry arts. Students participate in community events to refine and improve their skills and increase their self-confidence.

Advisor: Lauren Wallace,

Black Male and QUEENS Focus Group

The Black Male and QUEENS (Quintessential Unique Essence of Ebony Necessary Sisters) Focus Group challenges and changes the accepted narrative regarding Black academic success. We operate from a position of collective strength, rather than a deficit, to address the role, obligations, and necessity of Black manhood and womanhood in the academy and beyond. We are models of excellence who defy, critique, and improve prevailing images of Black men and women in the academy and throughout the world.

Advisor: Dr. Kalvin DaRonne Harvell, (313) 317-1533,

Community Service Club

The club promotes Acts of Kindness, and student involvement in community service projects at the college and within the community. Projects include campus activities, service based learning projects, and mentoring programs. This is a "hands on" club that encourages members to help others and make a difference in this world.

Co-Advisors: Leslie Windless,

Competitive Gaming Club

The Competitive Gaming Club builds social connections among students who share common interests; and encourages sportsmanship and positive attitudes while being competitive.

Advisor: Courtney Matthews,

Cybersecurity Club

This club provides support to members by encouraging networking and by attending events outside the campus that provide educational opportunities. The Cybersecurity Club offers a Women in Cybersecurity component. Women gain knowledge about job opportunities and social networking programs. The club strives to encourage student success through educational programs and helps students with computer security and training for future careers.

Advisor: Marrci Conner, (313) 317-4021;

Early Childhood Club

The purpose of this organization is to bring together individuals who are committed to fostering the growth and development of children. The goals of this organization shall be to provide the members of the organization opportunities for professional and leadership development, service learning and community involvement on behalf of the needs and rights of young children and their families.

Advisors: Marlene White, (313)845-6311,

Engineering Club

The Engineering Club encourages students to explore careers in the field of engineering and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and activities related to the field of engineering. The club strives to develop future leaders through team-work and opportunities for professional growth and development.

Advisor: Dr. Hassan Nameghi, 313-317-1746 or email
Engineering Club Website
Engineering Club Facebook Page

Future Teachers Association

Pre-Education Program LogoPromotes career opportunities in teaching. Provides educational forums, workshops, and community service projects related to careers in education.

Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Casale;

Ice Carving Club

The Ice Carving Club is a "hands on learning" club. Students learn the art of ice carving and have the opportunity to participate in community events that promote ice carving and allow members to display their work.

Advisor: Charles Smith,

IChess Club

The purpose of this club is to provide a social outlet for students who would like to play chess. The club promotes team building skills and the opportunity to socialize while playing chess.

Contact: Office of Student Activities, (313) 845-9865;

International Student Organization (ISO)

The main purpose of the organization is to promote social interaction among international students and expose students to different cultural backgrounds.

Advisor: Dr. Lina Jawad, (313) 317-6842;

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

IVCF promotes God's work and God's people of every ethnicity and culture. Offers discussion groups and group activities that center around the word of God.

Contact: Rachel Grimaldo,

Latino and Hispanic Student Association

The club works to expand the Latino/Hispanic heritage among faculty and students unite and connect with the diverse community at the college and celebrate cultures within the heritage by hosting meetings and events.

Advisor: Maggie Rutkowski, 313-317-6887;

Mathematics Club

The purpose of this club is to promote and improve quantitative literacy and problem-solving capabilities in the vast field of mathematics.

Advisors: (Michael) Eng Hong Sin,; Michael Zalzali,

Mindfulness Club

The Mindfulness Club promotes and encourages the practice of mindfulness and mental health care among HFC students. The club conducts regular group meditation sessions and works to foster a healthy community with relaxing activities.

Advisor: Kayla Collins, (313)845-9865;

Music Club

The Music club unites musicians and music-makers at Henry Ford College, regardless of major, into a community of cooperation and collaboration.

Advisor: Kevin Dewey, (313) 845-6474;

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

Promotes an understanding of Muslim beliefs through community service projects, educational forums, and public awareness. The MSA strives to promote unity among people.

Advisor: Dr. Kamal Shenaq, (313) 673-4665;

National Society for Leadership & Success

The Society supplies students with the tools to implement a program that transforms students’ lives. The Society offers life-changing lectures, success networking teams, orientation sessions, induction ceremony, and scholarship opportunities. The Society believes in engaged learning, accountability for student success, and increase student satisfaction.

Phi Theta Kappa: Alpha Xi Mu Chapter

An honors based organization based on community service, leadership, fellowship, and scholarships. Students are required to maintain a 3.25 grade point average and have completed 12 credit hours to join.

Advisor: Chardin Claybourne, 313-845-9818;

Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Health Club provides HFC students with an outlet to explore future education and career opportunities in all health-related fields (physical therapy, physician assistant, respiratory therapy, sonography, biomedical research, health ethics, etc.), including medical, dental, or pharmacy schools. The Pre-Health Club serves a resource to students looking for opportunities to intern, job shadow, and learn from current professionals in different Health fields.

Advisor: Sarah Plecha,

Programming Club

Shares knowledge and expertise of computer programming and provides professional networking opportunities for students and information about career opportunities.

Advisor: Kim Moscardelli; (313) 317-1549;

Psi Beta-National Honor Society in Psychology

This association serves as a means of national recognition of the student's early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and to scholastic achievement. The organization provides a forum for developing one's perspective about psychology and helps build a sense of community and identity with others in the field. The association will enhance the leadership skills of members, encourage research and provide opportunities for student/faculty interaction outside the classroom. For information about Psi Beta Meetings, contact the advisor.

Advisor: Elaine Louisell (313) 845-9713;

Roller Hockey

This club provides students with the opportunity to play roller hockey and compete against other teams.

Advisor: Rick Fenwick;

Rotaract Club

Students will perform community service projects with the Dearborn Rotary Club. Students have the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and worldwide. The club strives to develop the professional and leadership skills of club members.


Sexuality and Gender Acceptance Club

Fosters a learning and understanding of the various student populations at the college including race, class, religion, gender and sexuality; works to educate and challenge the student body to think critically about our differences, and to establish an atmosphere of tolerance at Henry Ford College.

Advisor: Chelsea Lonsdale;
Co-Advisor: Kristine Rouleau;

Student Environmental Association

Promotes and provides programs that help the environment. Contributes to the understanding and appreciation of problems associated with the preservation of natural resources and wildlife. Provides a forum to discuss environmental concerns.

Advisor: Dr. Mary Parekunnel (313) 317-1747; email

Student Nurse Association

We are a volunteer group of nursing students who love to help our surrounding communities. SNA members have the opportunity to participate in many activities. In the past, we have donated water bottles to Flint, made ICARE kits for the homeless, volunteered at the Dearborn Animal Shelter and helped out at Cass Community soup kitchen. We also have events with our group on campus, such as movie night, campus clean-up, bake sales and coin wars. SNA members can also participate in bowling and Yankee Candle fundraisers to raise money for different foundations in need.

Advisor: Cathy Gangarossa, (313) 845-6366;

Student Veterans Association

This organization will service members and dependents of the United States Armed Forces by maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for Veterans transitioning from Military to civilian life and services for Veterans within the community. This organization will bring people together through respect and the desire to help our nation’s heroes and their families.

Advisors: Robert James, (313) 845-6356; Jason Mills, (313) 317-1797;

Team Ceramics

Creates awareness and appreciation of clay as an art form. Provides workshops for artistic ideas and concepts. Provides a forum for students to display and promote their work.

Advisor: Steven Glazer, (313) 845-6485;

Theatre Club

The Theatre Club works to provide support for HFC’s theatre program and its annual performance season, including direct involvement in promoting, developing, and participating in theatrical programming. All students interested in singing, acting, behind-the-scenes artistry or tech, and the arts & entertainment in general, are welcome to join.

Advisor: John Michael Sefel, 313-845-6478;

Yemeni Student Association (YSA)

Educates the campus community about Yemeni culture. Promotes student involvement, education, campus lectures and cultural events.

Advisor: Heather Mitchell;

Upcoming Events

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Join SAFE@HFC for Ally Training on campus or virtually

Jun 22 10:00am
The campus organization SAFE@HFC will host its 4th annual Ally training session for HFC employees and students who wish to serve as Allies to the College’s LGBTQ+ community. You can participate in Ally training virtually via Zoom or in person on Thursday, June 22, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The in-person option will take place in the Rosenau Rooms on the first floor of the Andrew A. Mazzara... Read More