Henry Ford College is committed to maintaining an academic setting free from unlawful discrimination based on disability and prohibits such discrimination. It is the policy of the College that “no otherwise qualified student with a disability is denied the benefits of, participation in, or otherwise subjected to discrimination in an educational program, pursuit, or activity”. Henry Ford College is committed to providing “an accessible campus both in terms of physical plant and programs/services to all students, staff and visitors” and complies with the Americans With Disabilities Act and other applicable state and federal regulations. The following services are provided to HFC students.

Support and Accessibility for the Disabled of Campus Programs and Facilities Policy (previously Board Policy 8200)
Electronic Information and Technology Accessibility Policy

Student Disability Support

Assisted Learning Services is the office dedicated to providing an accessible education to students with disabilities, through the use of assistive technology and accessible textbooks. Resources are customized to meet individual needs and may include alternative format materials, innovative technology and adaptive testing based on physical, sensory, or cognitive disabilities. For assistance, please contact Assisted Learning Services:, (313) 845-9617.

On-Campus Facility Disability Support

Henry Ford College is committed to ensuring that all students can learn within a building or classroom. For assistance with classroom furniture or other physical aspects of the campus, please contact Campus Safety:, (313) 845-9630.

HFC Websites

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides administrative and instructional support for network and Internet services, telephone and voice mail support and IT Services Help Desk coverage. The Henry Ford College ITS WebTeam has selected Drupal™, a powerful open source content management platform, to provide a robust and versatile framework for building websites. HFC's content creators can now deliver critical information to students, faculty, staff and administrators quickly and effectively using a reliable platform that is consistent across all HFC websites. For assistance, please contact Rachel Ford: 313-317-1541,

External Resources

There are many external resources that can assist students who require additional support for their studies. Below is a partial list:

Bureau of Services for Blind Persons
Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software
Job Access with Speech (JAWS) software
Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Our Assisted Learning Services office provides many more resources and services to students.

Complaints or Other Requests

Teaching and Learning Services serves as an integral partner in creating and maintaining accessible learning environments. If you have accessibility complaints, questions, or concerns, you may direct them to the Teaching and Learning Services Office or complete the online Accessibility Complaint Form. We are responsible for ensuring that your complaints are addressed in a timely manner by the office best suited to resolve it.