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The BEA is committed to creating a more just and equitable campus environment via programming and advocacy.

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The Black Employee Association (BEA) is an employee resource group at Henry Ford College (HFC). Our efforts are focused on creating a campus culture where all employees are supported, and one which employs and provides opportunities for administrators, faculty, and staff who are highly qualified and representative of the diverse cultures we seek to serve.

We further believe higher education is a public good. The BEA supports the College’s efforts in providing access to a high-quality education, fostered in a nurturing learning environment that lives the values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice for all students. The BEA collaborates with HFC to fulfill, advance, and evolve its mission of being a Welcoming College. Membership is open to all HFC employees.


The BEA strives to:

  • promote an educational environment that is sensitive to and aware of the needs of the culturally diverse student population that the College serves.
  • establish a network and support system of and for one another in the undertaking of their responsibilities at the College.
  • share information and resources that can promote personal and professional growth and retention of Black employees as well as facilitate professional effectiveness in the execution of their respective professional responsibilities at the College.
  • promote participation and discussion and to impact, when necessary, campus issues, political and otherwise, that warrant reaction to and input from the organization.
  • collaborate with HFC departments and programs to serve Black students and other culturally diverse student groups, providing guidance and support, developing meaningful relationships with Black employees, and voicing concerns relevant to their experiences at the College.
  • promote equity and diversity as essential elements concerning employment and scholarly pursuits.

Meeting Schedule

For 2023, BEA General Membership meetings are open to BEA members and invited guests.

Meeting Schedule
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For all members interested in paying their dues, please visit the HFC Foundation website and select "Black Employee Association (BEA) Program Fund." BEA annual dues are $30 and are tax-deductible.

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Executive Board

The BEA Executive Board is comprised of seven officers that work together to serve the needs of the BEA general membership. This includes facilitating all of the items above.

Executive Board officers are elected or appointed for one academic year, with elections being held during the end of the Winter semester.

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