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Explore our degree and certificate programs. Do you need help identifying which HFC program you want to pursue? Complete the free Focus 2 Career Assessment tool to match your interests and strengths with HFC programs that lead to some of the hottest careers.

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Business provides a learning environment that engages our diverse students in developing their knowledge and skills relevant for success in a dynamic global economy. It provides programs that meet the changing needs of business, industry, and professions, as well as delivers an education that is practical and meaningful. If you are interested in accounting, management, paralegal studies, or office administration and its technologies, then business is for you! Do you like to lead teams? Do you want to serve a cause by managing a nonprofit organization? Does tracking down facts to defend a client getting ready for trial seem interesting to you? With a program of study in business you can learn to take on not only the world of corporate America, but the global economy.


Accounting opens doors in every kind of business coast-to-coast. It has always been considered the language and basic tool of business.

Business Administration

Everywhere you look you'll see people buying and selling things. But what you may not see is that behind every sale is a world of business professionals working together to make that exchange possible.


Every organization depends on the efforts of groups of individuals to get things done. Any time you have two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, you need somebody to manage the process. That somebody could be you!


HFC's Paralegal program offers a strong foundation of skills and knowledge to help you succeed as a professional paralegal. After graduating, you will be well prepared to begin your legal career or continue studying at a four-year university Paralegal Studies or Pre-Law program.

A man and woman walking in a wearhouse looking at the shelves.

Supply Chain Management

Do you already work in the Supply Chain industry and want to move into management? Are you new to the industry and want to gain an understanding of how supply chain works? The Supply Chain Management program is for you.

Computer Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Cybersecurity

Computer Technology provides a variety of courses, certifications, and degrees that prepare individuals for careers in the Information Technology (IT) and the computer field. Information Technology, or IT, is a term used to describe the industry and the careers related to computer software, hardware, and telecommunications. The IT industry is a very large field with many specializations within it. Specializations include software development, programming, networking, information security, web development, PC support, and IT management. Those who work in the IT field often obtain their education in college degrees such as Computer Information Systems (CIS) with specializations.

Cisco Networking Academy

HFC's Cisco Networking Academy provides you with the skills you need to design, build and manage computer networks. After completing this program, you will be thoroughly prepared for top industry certification exams and entry-level professional employment.

Two men standing in front of network servers with a laptop.

Cloud and Network Technology

Do you enjoy hands-on work with computers and technology? Are you interested in learning state-of-the-art technology in a high-growth, high-paying information technology field? Check into our Cloud and Network Technology program.

Computer Information Systems

Do you enjoy working with computers and technology? Do you love to solve problems and figure out games and puzzles? Then the Computer Information Systems (CIS) program is for you.


Prepare for the rapidly growing career field of Information Assurance in HFC's nationally recognized Cyber Center.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is a broad career field that includes hotels and hotel services, travel and tourism, restaurants, bakeries, cafés, food service and the culinary arts.

Begin your journey with a skills certificate and earn a two-semester credential in Culinary Skills, Baking and Pastry or Hotel Services. Build on your certificate to earn one of our accredited associate degrees in Culinary Arts or Hotel/Restaurant Management and when you are ready, continue here at Henry Ford College to complete your bachelor of science degree.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management courses are available day or evening/weekend and students can attend full or part-time. All new students should contact the department for part-time scheduling help at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

Hospitality and Culinary programs at Henry Ford College are built on a model used by exceptional European schools that require hours of hands-on lab experience and co-op (internships) where students work in industry as part of their coursework. Come check-out our student-run restaurant, modern and up-to-date kitchens, bake shop and video production studio by scheduling a tour today.

Baking and Pastry

Do you see yourself opening a bakery or café where you design and create stylish cakes or artisan breads and sweets? Will you be preparing fine desserts for catered events in one of the best venues?

Culinary Arts

Do you love to cook and receive the appreciation and genuine reactions from your guests? Will you lead the industry with the best sustainable practices, the next trend in cuisine or the steadiness of a businessperson? As a chef, how will you compete in this fast-paced career?

Hotel / Restaurant Management

Do you see yourself working in the midst of a bustling metropolitan hotel? Will you be planning parties and catered events in some of the best restaurants, hotels or catering venues?

Health Professions, Children’s Education, Fitness, and Nursing

Health Professions and Fitness provides pathways lead to careers in nursing, health professions, exercise, and fitness leadership. Do you have a passion for helping people? Do you have creative ideas for helping with health-related issues? Interested in fitness, nutrition and helping others develop healthy lifestyles? HFC’s programs allow you to study the human body, the health care industry, and health and wellness to obtain the knowledge and practice the skills needed to successfully pursue a career in the health and fitness professions.

Our Pre-Education program is designed to prepare you to continue to study at the university level to achieve teacher certification in Elementary Education and Secondary Education.

The Ophthalmic Technician, Pharmacy Technician, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiographer, Respiratory Therapist and Surgical Technologist programs are limited enrollment programs with specific admission requirements. In order to get on any qualified list you must complete all of the program specific admission requirements.

Our Nursing program has a competitive admission process with specific admission requirements. To be considered for admission you must submit a completed application.

Nursing and Health Careers Admission Process

Fitness Leadership

If you are interested in health and fitness, then the Fitness Leadership program at HFC is for you. Our program is designed to provide you with an excellent foundation in the theory and practice of exercise science.

Medical Assistant

Are you uncertain of what area of the healthcare profession may interest you? Or what skill-set fits you? Do you love to help others, and love the thought of providing hands-on healthcare services for those in need? Would you like to learn many different skills and find your special niche?

Medical Insurance Specialist

The MIS program at HFC provides hands-on training by professionals that are working on a daily basis processing medical claims, chasing down insurance information, billing and coding on behalf of their employer, and bringing revenue from claims back to their employer.


If you are looking for a challenging career where your daily work makes a difference in people's health and lives, then nursing might be for you! The HFC Nursing Program is designed to prepare graduates to be caring, compassionate nurses.

Ophthalmic Technician

Would you like to be an important part of an office or hospital clinical team who helps people see better?

Physical Therapist Assistant

Do you want to work with a physical therapist to help people restore and maintain their mobility and function at their best? The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program at HFC prepares you for employment as a licensed PTA.


Is it your dream to become a classroom teacher or a paraprofessional? Then our Pre-Education program is for you.

A female pharmacist looking at a box of medicine.


Are you interested in learning about how medications are used effectively to treat patients? Do you want to help others understand the use, storage, and side effects of the medication they take? Check into our Pre-Pharmacy program.


Do you enjoy working with technology and people? Then our Radiographer program is the right one for you.

Respiratory Therapist

Do you like the idea of being a part of a dynamic team that makes critical decisions for patients? Then check out HFC's Respiratory Therapist program!

Surgical Technologist

Do you have good hand-eye coordination? Are you an organized multitasker? Do you have thick skin and a strong stomach? If so, then our accredited Surgical Technologist Program at HFC is for you.

Industrial Arts, Professional Trades, and Technology

Industrial Arts and Technology provides educational experiences to plan, build, fabricate, and maintain the designed world. It offers instruction through hands-on interactive learning using relevant technologies in a realistic working environment. You will master the skills needed to support industry.

Architecture / Construction Technology

Do you enjoy problem solving? Are you interested in the built environment? You may be a great fit for the Architecture/Construction (ACT) program at HFC.

Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET)

The Automotive Student Service Educational Training (ASSET) program at HFC is specifically designed to prepare you for automotive service and repair positions at Ford and Lincoln dealerships. Those who complete the program can become Master Ford Certified.

Automotive Technology

If you are interested in a career as an automotive technician, automotive master mechanic, or engine specialist, look no further.

Drafting / CAD

Do you enjoy math as much as creative visualization? Do you consider yourself a problem solver? In this program you'll explore all areas of CAD design and drafting.

Electrical Technology

If you’ve ever been curious how toys, games, and cars operate from the inside out, you may be a perfect candidate. Math and critical thinking skills form the foundation of electronics, automation, and robotics.

Machine Tool Technology / CNC

Do you have an interest in design and visualization? Do you enjoy working with advanced technology? If so, you may be a great fit for the Machine Tool Technology/CNC program at HFC.

Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that provides the critical skills to maintain and troubleshoot industrial automated systems. Graduates of this program will take on the vital role of keeping production lines moving, while enjoying up to six-figure compensation and the benefits of a highly-skilled professional.

Liberal Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Media Arts

Liberal Arts provides you with the opportunity to explore a variety of academic disciplines. For example, the arts, humanities (the study of the human condition), social sciences and natural sciences. Liberal arts students develop an appreciation for how multiple disciplines contribute to fuller understanding of many complex problems such as international conflicts. A Liberal Arts degree is the gateway for many careers.

Our Visual, Performing, and Media Arts programs are part of the School of Liberal Arts. These programs provide high quality artistic and technical education combined with practical hands-on opportunities for skill mastery. Have a fine touch with a musical instrument? Want to express yourself through a lens, paintbrush or pottery wheel? Do you love to sing, dance or act in front of audiences, large or small? Enjoy meeting and interviewing people? Interested in the art of persuasion? Want to produce or critique films? At HFC, you can learn the art and science of creating and delivering messages through a variety of organizational structures and media. Our focus is on the development of the imagination and creative thinking process for today's global multimedia environment.

Art Foundations

Do you find yourself doodling when you're bored? Do you like to draw or paint? Do you wish you could make the stuff you see in art museums? The Art Foundations program at HFC offers you the knowledge and skills necessary to launch your artistic career.


Do you see yourself as a creative individual? Do you enjoy working with your hands? If this sounds like you, it is time to start playing in the “mud” in pursuit of an Associate of Arts degree in Ceramics at Henry Ford College.

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice careers are challenging, dynamic, and constantly changing. We are committed to preparing you for the rigors and rewards associated with this service-oriented profession.


Do you love to dance, but never had the opportunity to take classes? Would you like to express yourself creatively, develop a skill and improve your fitness through learning a performing art? The Dance program at HFC is a great place to begin your training.

Digital and Graphic Arts

Graphic designers are people who like to be creative, can sketch and communicate ideas, and enjoy seeing their designs in everyday applications.

Interior Design

Are you fascinated by shows on HGTV such as Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, or Rehab Addict? Do you love watching their designs come to life? The Interior Design program at HFC may be for you.

Media Communication Arts

If you love all things media, HFC's Media Communication Arts Program is for you.


Do you like to sing or play a musical instrument? Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano, guitar, drums, or another instrument? Are you looking for a music program that provides a supportive atmosphere and exciting, rewarding opportunities to compose, perform, and record music?

Recording Arts

Do you make music on your computer? Do you want your recordings to sound more professional? Are you more comfortable on the other side of a recording booth? Recording Arts may be the career for you.


If you love to perform, build scenery, or direct, then HFC’s Theatre Arts program is for you.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Do you like finding solutions to complex problems? Does the use of robots for building or exploring interest you? Are you curious about how things work? Are you intrigued by the complexity of living things and the way they interact with their environment? If so, a career in STEM may be right for you.

Careers in STEM require analytical thinking, an inquisitive mind, and the ability to integrate concepts from multiple fields. We offer a hands-on approach to these topics that can help you gain the skills you need to pursue a rewarding job in a STEM-related field. HFC’s programs prepare graduates for the expanding career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Environmental Studies

Do you care about the environment? Are you passionate about recycling? Do you want to help protect the Earth's natural resources? The Environmental Studies program at HFC could be for you.


Do you wonder about how things work, how inventors invent, and where new technologies come from? If so, then you might be interested in engineering.

Trade and Apprentice

Trade and Apprentice

Since the establishment of Henry Ford College, Trade and Apprentice Education has played a significant role in industrial and technical education for adults of all ages and working-class families. With support from regional businesses and industry, HFC is leading the way in apprenticeship education and training.