Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Classes are underway! TODAY (Jan. 13) is the final day to register for Winter semester.

Event Date: 
8 people wearing T-shirts. Text says: My College, My Future

There is still time to sign up for Winter 2019 classes.

What to do:

1. Sign up for Advising

Every HFC student has a dedicated academic advisor, whose job is to help YOU plan and schedule your courses from the time you begin at HFC until you graduate.

Schedule a meeting with your advisor to plan your Winter schedule.

2. Register for your Winter 2019 classes

After meeting with your advisor, you may go directly across the hall to the enrollment lab and register for your Winter classes. It's quick and easy. Your advisor will give you a coupon that allows you to come to the Advising office to get your FREE T-shirt.

Prefer to register on your own? That's OK too:

  1. Search for the classes you want.

  2. Register for classes.***

  3. Pay for classes. Students receiving financial aid: Make sure your financial aid is ready to go.

  4. Show up for your classes at the designated time!

***Please note that students are assigned priority registration times. Login to the student portal,, or check your Hawkmail account to find out when your registration time is scheduled. You may register at your scheduled time, or any time afterward. We recommend you register as early as possible, to make sure your preferred classes are available. YOU MAY SIGN UP FOR ADVISING ANY TIME BEFORE YOU REGISTER. It does not have to be the same day. Sign up for advising early! We'll hold a T-shirt for you if your registration date is later than your advising date.

FYI: The complete Winter 2019 academic calendar is here.