Hilal Baalbak has reddish hair and is wearing a formal outfit with a silver chain.

Hilal Baalbaki embodies grit and determination, defying the odds

Hilal Baalbaki will not let anything stand in his way of becoming a physician -- not even cancer that was diagnosed during high school.
A headshot of Brandi Walthall-Johnson; her hair is up in a bun, she is wearing hoops and a pink and grey poncho.

HFC welcomes STEM Program Advising Specialist Brandi Walthall-Johnson

STEM Program Advising Specialist Brandi Walthall-Johnson thrives in the atmosphere of a community college.
A group of people who attended the COMO conference posing for a picture.

HFC’s first time hosting regional astronomy conference

HFC successfully hosted the Compact Objects conference for the first time, welcoming members from Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and Ontario.
Dr. Cristina Bailey at her desk.

Dr. Cristina Bailey becomes the first Director of Health, Education, and Human Services

After five years as the Director of Academic Services, Dr. Cristina Bailey is appointed Director, Health, Education, and Human Services in HHS.
Portrait of Rehab Azab.

Rehab Azab, aspiring physician, benefits from Early College experience

HFEC alumna Rehab Azab will transfer to Wayne State this fall on her path toward eventually becoming a doctor.
All six colors of the Disability Pride Flag are muted. Red, yellow, white, blue, and green stripes on a black background.

July is Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month celebrates the history and achievements of people with disabilities.
 Alayna Kondraciuk has long medium blonde hair and is wearing a black shirt.

HFC welcomes back Alayna Kondraciuk, a long-term Hawk

HFC alumna Alayna Kondraciuk returns to the College as an Admissions Associate, hosting student and family tours and assisting students who apply to the College.
Jesus Cruz-Navarro is standing in front of a Wayne State University backdrop and proudly holds up his diploma from Wayne State University

Jesus Cruz-Navarro gives back through Social Work

HFC alumnus is building on his multiple life experiences to advocate for others through a service profession. He spoke at the 2024 WSU commencement.
Michelangelo Molinari is wearing a hoodie and taking a selfie with his horse Smoke.

Michelangelo Molinari found his voice at HFC

Michelangelo Molinari is proud of what he accomplished as chair of HFC's Student Council.
Tiffany Williams is holding her dish of Cajun-fried catfish with white cheddar gouda cheese grits topped off with lobster-lemon butter sauce and garlic shrimp.

Tiffany Williams is a culinary entrepreneur

HFC alumna Tiffany Williams took the leap to start her own business, Taste Tiff's Catering in Detroit. She has earned numerous accolades for her work.
White coffee mug that reads Thrive Farmers Coffee surrounded by coffee beans.

HFC’s Skylight Café “thrives” with new coffee supplier

Thrive Farmers is now the main coffee and tea supplier at the HFC Skylight Café.
Cortney Markham wear black glasses and a white sweater, and has dark brown hair, smiling at the camera.

HFC welcomes Cortney Markham as MCA Lab Technician

Cortney Markham, daughter of an HFC nursing grad, joins the Department of Media Communication Arts at a transformative time.
Lama Bazzi is holding a scholarship certificate between Colleen Nieman and Lee Hollman.

Rotary Club of Dearborn awards $73K in scholarships to 27 students

Dearborn Rotary honors 27 students with scholarships.
Dr. Chelsea Lonsdale in graduation attire on right, with her daughter to her left.

Get to Know HFC: Dr. Chelsea Lonsdale’s full-circle journey at the College

Newly minted Dr. Chelsea Lonsdale believes earning her doctorate will help her become an even better teacher.
Mohammad Turaani is smiling at camera wearing his Wayne State University cap and gown.

Mohammad Turaani wants to be the voice of hope for patients as a physician

An excellent example of perseverance and resilience, HFC alumnus Mohammad Turaani has earned his associate and bachelor's degrees, and will enroll in med school this fall.
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