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The HFC Music Department is here to serve you during the 2020-2021 academic year. You can pursue an Associate of Arts in Music degree, a Recording Arts Certificate of Achievement, or take individual music courses from the safety of your own home.

All music courses will be online, including Chorus (see our "virtual chorus" video), Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Band. If you prefer to take these courses as non-credit, you have that option too.

HFC is home to an active and exciting music program, in which music majors and non-majors and members of the community of all ages and backgrounds may:

  • Perform in one or more of our award-winning bands and choruses;
  • Earn the Associate in Arts in Music degree;
  • Pursue the Recording Arts Certificate (RAC); and/or
  • Take any of our classes just for fun!

Our music instructors and conductors work closely with you, the student, to build the foundation you need to achieve your artistic goals; from an introduction to music theory to specific techniques in ear training, performance development, and state of the art music technologies. Performance ensembles, including chorus, symphonic band, jazz band, and vocal jazz ensemble are open to all by audition. They will perform at many concerts and special events throughout the year.

Interested in our Program?

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    music scholarships offered
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    Music Ensembles

    Participate in a variety of music ensembles and performances.

  • ANNUAL COLLAGE CONCERT: All bands and choirs on stage together!
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    Transfer to Eastern Michigan University, Wayne State University, Central Michigan University, and Oakland University.

  • Career Opportunities
    • Musician
    • Singer
    • Recording Artist
    • Music Director
    • Composer
    • Freelance musician
    • Private music instructor

    $17 Median hourly wage for Music Labor Market. 5% long-term job growth expected.


    Students in bands and choirs perform at end-of-semester concerts and the annual President’s Collage Concert. There are also opportunities to perform at campus and community special events. HFC music groups have also traveled numerous times within North America and Europe.

Student Testimonials

  • Anthony Joseph Lai

    Anthony Joseph Lai

    Music Director, Seaway Chorale and Orchestra Composer


    The music program at HFC gave me an incredible foundation to become a well-rounded musician. I graduated in 2005 and because of the practical skills given to me by dedicated instructors, I have made a living as a working musician ever since. With an enthusiastic introduction to music theory, ear training, classical performance, and music technology, HFC music paved the way for my success as a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, recording engineer, producer, orchestrator, and conductor.

    The three years of study at HFC taught me the value of endless learning. From there, I went on to earn a master’s degree in music, pursue my artistic dreams, and continue the life-long pursuit of knowledge, skill, and artistry.

    I credit HFC—and the incredible instructors there—for so much of my musicianship.

  • Jeremy Palmer

    Jeremy Palmer, MT-BC

    Music Therapist – Board Certified

    Bachelors of Music Therapy, Eastern Michigan University (EMU)

    The Associate Degree in Music gave me the foundation to which I owe all of my current musical success. I gained both the skills and personal connections necessary for the many musical jobs I have done or am currently doing, including private music teacher, music entertainer, cocktail music provider, songwriting, arranging, music technology lab assistant, music activity director at a day camp, vocal music director for children’s theater, and hospice music therapist.

    After receiving my associate degree from HFC, I transferred to EMU to study music therapy. I found myself better prepared and more comfortable in the “real” world of music than many of my peers. I attribute this advantage to my time spent at HFC. The there took a personal interest in me and genuinely wanted me to succeed. Missing was the ultra-competitive and cutthroat attitude that often exists in other music schools. I strongly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in expanding his or her musical skills and knowledge.

  • Bonnie Schippling

    Bonnie Schippling

    Music Director and Pianist, St. Philip Lutheran Church

    I studied music at HFC, then transferred to Wayne State University to study Vocal Music Education. The training at HFC prepared me well for Wayne State in all areas of music. Furthermore, my education at HFC prepared me for the challenges I would face as a musician and as an individual. Specifically, studying culture and language through studying music has allowed me to understand many perspectives and traditions of people with different backgrounds than my own. I have been able to communicate with people from all walks of life through music. I have been working as a full-time musician for more than a decade, currently working more than 40 hours each week as a private instructor, church musician, and singer at a living history exhibit. I fully love what I do, and I am grateful to HFC's music department for helping me turn my dreams into a reality.

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Lists the faculty associated with this program and their contact information.
Name Credentials Email Phone
Kevin Dewey
FT Faculty - Music
B.M., Wayne State University*; M.M., Wayne State University* kdewey@hfcc.edu 313-845-6474
Bryan Beeler
Music - Teaching - AFO
B.S., Full Sail University babeeler@hfcc.edu
Rick Goward
Anthony Lai