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The Recording Arts Certificate program provides coursework in essential music skills and digital recording techniques. Students will develop engineering skills, learn mixing techniques and how to master recorded works. The technique classes are taught in a live studio environment to promote the development of practical skills.

To enter the Recording Arts program, students should have a working knowledge of music fundamentals. Our advisory board insisted that a basic knowledge of music theory and performance is necessary in order to be ready to interact with artists in a studio environment. Students lacking this fundamental knowledge can take MUS 134: Music Fundamentals in order to prepare for the first class in the music theory sequence. MUS 134 has no prerequisites and is for students with no knowledge or with limited knowledge in music reading and theory.

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Lists the faculty associated with this program and their contact information.
Name Credentials Email
Jeremy Palmer
Bryan Beeler
Music - Teaching - AFO
B.S., Full Sail University babeeler@hfcc.edu
Patrick Brennan
Music - Teaching - AFO
A.A., Henry Ford College pbrennan@hfcc.edu
Anthony Lai