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Monday, February 19, 2024

Learn4ward Open House

Event Date: 
Thu, 03/14/2024 - 3:00pm to 6:30pm
Community Rooms in the Welcome Center (Bldg. WC)
University of Michigan - Dearborn, Wayne State University, Davenport University, and Eastern Michigan University logos

HFC will host a Learn4ward Open House on Thursday, March 14, from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m. in the Community Rooms of the Welcome Center (Building WC on the main campus). The event and on-site parking are free. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Learn4ward is a partnership between HFC and four of our university partners to provide guaranteed admission as a transfer student to:

The purpose of Learn4ward is to allow you to begin your academic and career pathway at HFC and seamlessly transfer to one of our university partners, earning both an associate and bachelor’s degree within 4-6 years. HFC students no longer have to “ask permission” to transfer. If you meet the criteria while enrolled at HFC, you are in. Guaranteed. You will have access to top-quality, personalized advising, as well as resources and benefits on the HFC campus and the campus of your chosen transfer university.

At this open house, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Talk with representatives from any or all of the four university partners.
  • Meet with HFC Academic Advisors to plan your classes for the Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters at HFC, making sure your classes will transfer seamlessly to your chosen transfer university.
  • Meet with HFC recruiters.

Learn4ward benefits

The benefits of Learn4ward include:

  • Seamless, guided degree plans that eliminate unnecessary classes, minimizing tuition costs.
  • Free or low tuition with a 3-year tuition freeze at HFC.
  • You can apply for special scholarship opportunities that will reduce costs at your Learn4ward university. You may be eligible for free tuition.
  • Additional scholarship funding will often be available if you are a member of the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society at HFC.

As a Learn4ward student, you will typically have access to many resources and activities at your Learn4ward university while enrolled at HFC:

  • Register for select university classes before graduating from HFC.
  • Free access to recreational facilities, athletic events, and cultural events at HFC and your Learn4ward university.
  • Free access to key library resources, research, and academic support at HFC and your Learn4ward university.
  • Free career support services at HFC and your Learn4ward university to assist with job, internship, and co-curricular experiences.

Who is eligible for Learn4ward?

Any HFC student who meets the academic criteria for your target university is eligible.

You may choose to check out the university links above to find out what the criteria are at your Learn4ward university, or ask us during the open house.

You should apply for Learn4ward at the beginning of your enrollment at HFC, so you can receive appropriate advising to make sure your classes meet the standards of the university degree that you will be seeking, and so you will have early access to both HFC and university resources.

Please register today for the open house

Registration is requested but not required. Please register today

You may indicate your university of choice in the comments section, if you wish.

You are welcome to bring family and friends. Light refreshments will be provided.

For questions or more information, contact Lorraine Paffenroth at 313-317-6525 or

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