Quick Links for International Students

HFC International Admissions
This link will take you to our web page.

About the City of Dearborn
This link provides information on the history of Dearborn, schools, government, attractions, etc.

American Holidays
This link provides a list of common American holidays.

Area Cultural Attractions
This link provides information on museums, galleries, theaters, sports and entertainment in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

Conversion Tables
The metric system is not widely used in the U.S. Measures of weight, temperature, distance; volume, etc. are usually expressed in the English system. This link provides conversion tables that may be helpful.

Getting a Social Security Card
This page provides information on how to obtain a Social Security Card.

Health Insurance
It is highly recommended although not mandatory that HFC international students and their dependents residing in the U.S. have health insurance. This page provides an overview of international student insurance in the United States.

HFC does not provide housing on campus, but several options are available nearby.

The independently owned and operated Union at Dearborn is student housing that is a very short walk from campus. The Union at Dearborn primarily houses students from our neighbor school, the University of Michigan Dearborn, but it also welcomes HFC residents. This information is provided solely as a service to HFC students. The Union is neither endorsed nor run by HFC.

There are other housing options available in the surrounding areas.

Cars are often the most convenient form of transportation. However, this mode of transportation requires an ample supply of money to pay for a car, insurance, a driver's license test, car registration, fuel, and repairs. Michigan law requires that every driver obtain a driver's license and automobile insurance.

Other options for local transportation include:

Types of Michigan Identification
This page will provide information on how to obtain a State of Michigan Personal Identification card or Driver’s license.

Transcript Evaluation
This page will provide a list of foreign educational credential services.

Commonly Used Immigration Forms

Form I-765 (Application for Employment Authorization)

Form I-539 (Application to extend or change status)

I-901 Form (SEVIS fee)

Other Commonly Used Forms

International Admission Application

Michigan Uniform Guest Application

Transfer Clearance Form

Student Information Form

ECE evaluation form

Change of Program Form

Employment Information

College Calendar