Technology and Computer Resources

HFC offers many technology and computer resources, including account access, services, and tools.

HFC Account Login

HFC uses one username and password for all systems, including HFC Self-Service, HFC Online, HawkMail, network logins, and more. For help with your HFC username or password, see the HFC Universal Password Help page.


HawkMail is HFC's official email for students, powered by Google. Students should use HawkMail when communicating with instructors and HFC offices. Important: Check your HawkMail often for information that is important to your education and safety.

Hawkmail is also how we will communicate official messages to you about things like College closures, registration and payment dates, graduation information, and messages from the College President.

Online Learning and Moodle

Henry Ford College uses Moodle as its online class system. Your online courses will run through Moodle. You can access Moodle through the HFC portal.

Learn about Online Learning or log in to your HFC Online courses.

Student Portal

The HFC Portal provides access to frequently-used resources, information and schedules, and personalized notifications. The portal has some customization features that allow you to move things around and choose what is available on your home screen.

Chromebook Computer Loan Program / Internet Resources

For students who will be taking online classes or classes that have a significant portion of online work, we strongly recommend that you use a computer or tablet for your coursework, rather than relying on your smart phone. You will find the online interface friendlier and more appealing if you use a larger screen and a keyboard.

Some of the options available to you:

  1. Free internet and related services are available from commercial providers for some households. Comcast and Charter Communications have announced that they are providing free wifi internet access and related services to specific audiences. A list of additional free or low-cost options is here. (Note: These are commercial services and are not affiliated, funded, or supported by HFC. If you choose these options, you will need to reach out to them to access these services on your own.)

  2. Resource sharing may be an option. You might wish to reach out to classmates, friends, or relatives who could share laptops, tablets, or other computer resources with you for the next two months. If you choose this option, please follow the CDC guidelines for safety (e.g. cleaning the surfaces, hand washing, and social distance practices).

  3. HFC has a computer loan program for Chromebooks. If you do not have a computer and none of the above options work for you, please email Director of Academic Affairs Cristina Bailey.

We are here to help you. Contact our Help Desk or Instructional Technology office during open hours if you need individual support in getting connected and using the online course interface. You may also contact the Learning Lab for one-on-one online assistance.

HFC Self-Service

View your College financial information, register for classes, drop, and pay for classes using HFC Self-Service. A link to Self-Service is in the portal.

Office 365 Software

HFC provides a free Office 365 subscription to all current staff, faculty, and students. Learn more about Office 365 ProPlus at HFC.

Office 365 includes important productivity apps that will help with your coursework, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Filr Network Drive

HFC users can access the contents of their home directory (H:) drive and other shared resources (such as the K: drive) using remote home directory access. To connect, use the link on the "Commonly Used" card in the HFC portal. You can also download the app for convenient mobile access: Micro Focus Filr iOS app, Micro Focus Filr Android app.

Wireless Campus

HFC offers free wireless Internet service throughout both campuses. Our network is available to all HFC students, faculty, and staff.

IT Services Help Desk

For IT support of any HFC-provided technology, contact the IT Services Help Desk.