Release Date: 
Friday, March 1, 2024

HFC welcomes Sarah Kigar, who comes from a family of educators

Sarah Kigar wearing glasses and a button-down shirt, holding a baby
Sarah Kigar (seen here holding her niece) is a new addition to HFC. She joined the College in late 2023 and serves as the Assistant to the Associate Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Gillian John.

HFC Assistant to the Associate Dean of the School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Sarah Kigar comes from a long line of teachers and pastors.

While she greatly respects both professions, Kigar wasn't sure she wanted to pursue either of those careers.

“I had no idea what to major in at first when I went to college,” said Kigar, of Dearborn. “I thought I might want to teach students who were at an age when they could handle abstract thought, but there was no subject I wanted to teach. Several people steered me toward becoming a professor, which I still might do, down the line!”

HFC felt like home to Kigar

Born in Grand Rapids, she is the second of four children. A graduate of the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a Grand Rapids-based charter high school, Kigar completed her undergraduate education in three years at Cedarville University in Cedarville, OH, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in communication.

Prior to coming to HFC, Kigar worked at Great Lakes Spines & Orthopedics in Dearborn for a year.

“Because school still feels like home to me, I knew that my sojourn in business wouldn't be long,” explained Kigar. “I applied to HFC because I wanted to be in a school again.”

Kigar joined HFC in late 2023. She reports to Associate Dean of STEM Gillian John.

“In the short time she’s been here, Sarah has actively familiarized herself with the procedures and systems in her new environment,” said John. “Her keen eye for detail has supported the administrative staff and departmental chairs, while her kind approach goes a long way in assisting students who interact with the STEM office. Sarah keeps me on top of the whirlwind of activity that passes through the office.”

Dean of STEM Janice Gilliland echoed John’s sentiments.

"Sarah has been a terrific addition to the STEM team,” said Gilliland. “She is interested in learning new procedures and helping our students and staff any way possible."

Bone-deep respect for educators

Even though she is not an educator herself, Kigar has a deep respect for them.

“Administration is a perfect fit because I'm supporting the teachers!" she said. “In high school, I used to alphabetize papers, laminate documents, straighten chairs, clean whiteboards, organize shelves – whatever the teachers needed. I even baked them brownies. I annotated my tests with funny comments so they could have a laugh while grading 30 of the same thing. My passion has always been for building up teachers. Some of that certainly comes from having two teachers for parents!”

Kigar has been welcomed with open arms by her colleagues.

“The best part of HFC has been the people,” she said. “I am stunned by how kind and people-oriented the atmosphere at the College is.”