Release Date: 
Thursday, March 23, 2023

Early College student from HFC family brings back Mathematics Club

Photo of Hadi Soweidan and faculty advisors.
From L-R: HFC Mathematics Club president and HFEC student Hadi Soweidan, co-faculty advisor Michael Sin, and co-faculty advisor Michal Zalzali.

Hadi Soweidan (“sway-den”), a Henry Ford Early College student, wanted to start a mathematics club at HFC. He found out the College already had a math club, which had been dormant since 2020.

So, at the beginning of the 2022-23 academic year, Soweidan brought the club back and recruited new members.

“We strive to transform the public perception of mathematics into a language that can be useful for everyone. Our members engage in a variety of leagues and activities to help build their résumés,” said Soweidan. “We host practice sessions where our members work together as a team to find solutions to any problems that are easy to understand and communicate.”

Placing first in the AMATYC Student Math League for 2 consecutive semesters

The club is participating in the Student Math League and Research League, hosted by the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges.

Soweidan ranked first place this semester and last semester in the AMATYC Student Math League.

“I want to find and assist students who are passionate and dedicated to improving themselves and creating solutions for the problems in our lives,” he said. “There are so many wonderful and amazing people in the club with many diverse backgrounds, all united for the shared goal of exploring the world of mathematics. It’s a beautiful journey.”

Positively impacting the people around him

HFC math instructors Michael Sin and Michael Zalzali serve as the co-faculty advisors of the HFC Mathematics Club.

“Hadi leads the club to recruit new members, organize club meetings, and build good relationships with members,” said Zalzali.

Sin is impressed by Soweidan’s aptitude in mathematics and his leadership skills.

“He likes to challenge difficult math problems,” he said. “Moreover, he is willing to help his teammates selflessly learn and grow. People enjoy working with him because of his positive attitude, persistence, and determination. It is a pleasure to work with Hadi, who positively impacts the people around him.”

Ph.D. is a major goal

Born in Royal Oak and raised in Dearborn, Sowedian lives in Dearborn Heights. The eldest of two, his sister Aya is also enrolled at HFEC. Their mother, Lama, graduated from HFC (then called Henry Ford Community College).

“I greatly appreciate my mother for always supporting me, no matter what,” he said. “I also want to thank Professors Sin and Zalzali for their wisdom and guidance.”

Soweidan will graduate from HFEC in 2024, earning his associate degree in chemistry. After graduation, Soweidan plans to continue his education and obtain his bachelor’s degree in physics and chemistry at either the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He plans to earn his doctorate in physics.

“My goal is the application of physics and chemistry in automation and computing,” he said. “Ultimately, I seek to take a problem and find an automated solution under the laws of science, which is fundamentally written in the language of mathematics.”

Soweidan is actively looking for other student leaders and other student organizations to collaborate with the Mathematics Club. For questions or more information, contact Soweidan at