Release Date: 
Thursday, June 2, 2022

Get to Know HFC: Campus Safety’s Reggie Vaughn is a people person

An image of Reginald Vaughn.

HFC Campus Safety Associate Reginald “Reggie” Vaughn considers himself a people person.

“I just love working with the public,” said Vaughn, of Belleville. “I enjoy working with people. Being in Campus Safety is not about policing people – it’s making sure they’re safe and comfortable, helping them in any way so they can be successful. I really enjoy helping students, whether it’s safe walks, parking lot patrols, giving them jump starts, anything to assist them and point them in the right direction.”

Vaughn has worked at the College since 2014. He reports to HFC Campus Safety Operations Assistant Manager Michael Ball.

“Reggie’s dedication to the public is clearly evident when you watch him interact with the College community on a daily basis,” said Ball.

Vaughn laughed when asked to share any memorable moments during his eight years at HFC. There are too many, he said.

“Being at HFC in itself is memorable. No two days are the same. I do remember one time when a student was lost and locked her keys in her car,” he recalled. “I came to help her and when I looked in the car window, I couldn’t see the keys. I asked if she was sure she locked them in the car. She insisted she did and started panicking. I told her, ‘It’s okay, we’ll get you situated.’ Turns out she had the keys in her purse all along. She was embarrassed and apologized a lot. I helped her to calm down and she was eventually on her way. It’s something you can look back on and laugh.”

“An awesome experience”

The younger of two sons, Vaughn grew up in Saginaw and graduated from Heritage High School. He attended Madonna University in Livonia on several scholarships, earning his bachelor's degree in sociology through its Student Support Services TRIO program, a federally grant-funded program designed to increase college retention rates and graduation rates of 170 students per year. He went on to earn a graduate certificate in criminal justice from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

Vaughn has been in the security field for 21 years. He previously worked security at Citizens Bank, Comcast, and what is now AT&T (formerly Ameritech). In 2007, he founded Youth Creations Outreach, a mentoring program focused on underrepresented youth. He even attended then-President George W. Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative Conference in 2007, which is part of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

“That was an awesome experience,” recalled Vaughn. “We sat among different leaders who helped us be successful in our community.”

HFC employees and students are friendly

Vaughn ended his association with Youth Creations Outreach because he needed to finish his college education. He does plan to return to either Madonna or Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti to attend graduate school. Eventually, he would like to start another program working with youth. For now, he’s enjoying his time at HFC.

“I enjoy working with everyone here – they’re pretty friendly,” he said. “Every employee and student I’ve met has been nice to me. I enjoy working with people who are just wonderful and outgoing. There are hard days, but we manage to keep motivated and maintain a positive outlook. We work together to achieve the tasks set before us. I can’t make everyone happy. But I will try my hardest every time.”