Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Dr. Winifred Green appointed principal of HFEC

An administrator in the Dearborn Public Schools for 22 years, Dr. Winifred Green has been appointed principal at the Henry Ford Early College for the 2022-23 academic year.

“I’m happy to be here. Everyone has been very welcoming. It has been a good transition for me,” said Green, who lives in Detroit with Dr. Alan F. Green, her husband of 34 years. They have two adult children, Ceci and Alan.

Green replaces Majed Fadlallah, who retired at the end of the 2021-22 academic year. Previously, Green served as principal at the Dearborn Heights Campus for more than 15 years, overseeing:

One of Green’s goals is to have a stronger connection with HFC’s deans and work closely with them so students can make the most of their education at HFEC.

“My vision is to maximize growth of all Early College programs and expand, re-imagine, and re-envision them where it is appropriate,” said Green. “This is an exciting opportunity.”

Long line of educators

Born in Mobile, AL, Green is the eldest of two and comes from a long line of educators. Her mother was an English teacher. An alumnus of Mobile County Public Schools, Green attended Hampton University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Green began her career in industry, working for General Electric for 10 years. She was also a pharmaceutical sales representative. She later switched careers and went into education.

“Education has always been in the back of my mind. Surprisingly, my mother never encouraged my brother and me to go into education, but she didn’t discourage us either. I knew I didn’t want to get an MBA, so I made a career change,” she explained.

Green is a 4-time alumnus of Eastern Michigan University, where she earned:

  • Her post-baccalaureate teaching credentials
  • Her master’s degree in business education
  • Her education specialist degree in education leadership
  • Her doctoral degree in education leadership

No stranger to HFEC

For 10 years, Green taught business education and marketing in the Detroit Public Schools. Her background in CTE and in industry made her a natural fit for administration, which brought her to Dearborn in 2000. She spent two years as the assistant principal of Fordson High School and later as the interim principal before moving over to the Dearborn Heights campus.

Green is no stranger to HFEC. She was one of the key people involved in securing the grant from the State of Michigan in 2007 to form HFEC, which is a partnership between HFC, Dearborn, and the Henry Ford Health System in coordination with the Wayne County Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) and the Michigan Board of Education. HFEC is a 5-year program in which students can simultaneously complete high school, earn college credits leading to an associate degree, and receive certification in an allied health profession.

“Dearborn was interested in starting an early college. It was modeled off Mott Middle College (which began in 1991 is affiliated with Mott Community College in Flint),” said Green. “When we were initially awarded the grant, the Early College started at the Berry Center.”

Plans to expand

Recently, Dearborn purchased two buildings on HFC’s main campus near the Welcome Center (Bldg. WC) with plans to expand Early College operations. Those buildings should be operational within the next two years, according to Green.

“There are plenty of options for students in the district, and the Early College is one of them. The district is very excited about the purchase of those buildings,” said Green. “We’re just now getting it off the ground. It’s the perfect time to reimagine all the programs being offered at HFEC. I like being here on the HFC campus. Many students who attend HFC are former students. I enjoy seeing how much they’re grown.”

Dearborn Superintendent Dr. Glenn Maleyko said, “Dr. Green’s many years of experience in the district and her strong CTE background will be an asset in the planning and development of these new facilities and expansion of these programs.”