Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 14, 2021

HFC welcomes Megan Akkari

Megan Akkari

For Megan Akkari, HFC’s mission statement – transforming lives and building better futures by providing outstanding education – truly resonates.

She truly believes education is power, which influenced her decision to join the College as an Academic Admissions Assistant for the HFC School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). She reports to Gillian John, Associate Dean of the School of STEM.

“As a former student, I know that HFC is inclusive and really believes in giving all students the best education possible,” said Akkari, a lifelong Dearborn resident. “My attraction to this position was the importance of STEM in everyday life. When I was growing up, there wasn’t much of an emphasis on STEM, and it was especially lacking in including women. I’ve always loved doing office work and keeping things organized and on track, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to support STEM and help future students achieve their goals.”

Carpooling with her dad to HFC

Akkari, the second of three children and an alumna of Fordson High School, has deep family connections to HFC:

  • Her husband, Michael Intemann, is a DJ for WHFR 89.3 FM, HFC's award-winning independent, non-commercial broadcast and Internet radio station.
  • Her older sister, Deana Akkari, earned her associate degree in general studies and a medical assistant certificate from HFC.
  • Her father, Nizar Akkari, earned an HVAC certification from HFC.

“During the recession of 2008, my father was offered a grant from his workplace for continuing education during the automotive bailouts. He and I would carpool to classes together in 2008, which was the first year I attended the College,” she said.

Initially, Akkari studied political science and criminal justice. Financial troubles sidetracked her studies. She is a certified nursing assistant through the American Red Cross. Akkari plans to take classes again, now that she’s returned to HFC.

“I am interested in getting back into the classroom at HFC and changing my focus to Zoology and animal medicine,” she said. I look forward to making new connections with my fellow colleagues, and students. “I also am excited to take advantage of the great academic programs.”