Medical Assistant

Are you uncertain of what area of the healthcare profession may interest you? Or what skill-set fits you? Do you love to help others, and love the thought of providing hands-on healthcare services for those in need? Would you like to learn many different skills and find your special niche?

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Medical assisting may be just the profession that's the perfect fit for you. The medical assistant is a multi-faceted professional that combines both clinical and administrative skill sets. Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical training. They are able to perform tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Their training starts in the reception area of a facility, working through the entire facility, including finances, billing, coding, EHR entry, hands-on patient care, and practice management. Their duties vary with each location, specialty, and size of the medical practice. They have the ability to work at specific job tasks that interest them (i.e., phlebotomy) or they can perform multiple tasks alongside a physician as their right-hand assistant. Training in an accredited medical assistant program will provide fundamental basics that a student can use as a baseline of entry into many areas of the healthcare profession.

Medical assisting appeals to a large population of practitioners, due to the flexibility of full time, and part time opportunities, and having the ability to work a traditional work-week schedule from 9-5 on Monday through Friday, as well as having weekends and holidays off.

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Elizabeth Hoffman
FT Faculty - Medical Assistant
B.S., Central Michigan University--; M.A., Central Michigan University-- 313-845-6466