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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

It’s a Great Day to be a HAWK! Join the Alumni Association

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The HFC Alumni Association is happy how this particular phrase is catching on and how the HFC campus community continues to experience the pride of being a Hawk!

Now more than ever during these difficult times, we need to embrace and promote our HFC school spirit. The world has changed significantly in the past year alone. Zoom meetings are now a way of life, simple pleasures make us happy, and our homes have become more than just a haven – they have become our offices and our schools.

Yet throughout it all, we have managed to pivot, learning how to work and teach from home. We are HAWK Strong!

Many HFC faculty/staff are also alumni

Did you know that HFC is also home to more than just faculty and staff? Many HFC employees are also alumni. Our College is fortunate to have many dedicated faculty and staff who have returned to campus to share their knowledge and experiences with our students.

Did you graduate from HFC or HFCC? If so, the Alumni Association is looking for you! In the coming months, the new HFC Alumni Association will officially launch, and we are looking for all of our HFC faculty and staff members who also happen to be alumni.

Once a Hawk, Always a Hawk!

The Alumni Association wants to connect with you:
1. Go to and join the Alumni Association.
2. Share your story. We would love to know why you went to school and returned to work at HFC. Send your comments to

Thank you for your service, commitment, and dedication to HFC. Once a Hawk, always a Hawk!

For questions or more information, contact HFC Assistant Director of Advancement Shai James-Boyd at